Crazy Political News From New York, San Francisco, & other Cities.

$1 dollar bail for homicide? Show me the liberal who thought that was a good idea, and I will show you an insane person...
Law Enforcement leaders angered after bail set at $1 for man charged in Albany homicide | WRGB (cbs6albany.com)

It's been a year of Antifa and unchecked anarchy: Devine (nypost.com)

Eateries across the country are raising prices after soaring inflation sees ingredients costs triple | Daily Mail Online

Cops looking for man who launched anti-gay attack in NYC (nypost.com)

Surveillance video captures man attacking Asian SFPD officer (ktvu.com) (GRAPHIC)

Two dead and 20 injured at Miami concert shooting (nypost.com)

Female Asian police officer attacked in San Francisco - HOPCLEAR

Not covered by the mainstream media, they are still rioting in Seattle...

Liberal utopia isn't turning out the way they expected...
Washington Square Park 'drug den' horrifies Greenwich Village (nypost.com)

WATCH - Miami International scores again! Massive black girl fight outside the baggage carousel ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Missing Maine woman at Times Square found safe in Queens (nypost.com)

Of course he did. Cops are not allowed to be human for the time they are at work...
Police officer does HILARIOUS parody of Lebron James, gets fired from job (WATCH THE PARODY) ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Maine woman missing after getting into vehicle in Times Square (nypost.com)

If he is anti-police, who did he call?
Anti-police Atlanta politician has car stolen right in front of him | One America News Network (oann.com)

Cities all run by radical Democrats...

Mayor Breed wants to turn an empty San Francisco office into a drug sobering center (sfchronicle.com)

San Jose gunman's motive remains mystery after work site's 'whole shift' killed | Fox News

We will see if that holds up once the big money moves in.
Adams tops Yang in mayoral poll, Garcia moves up to third, many still undecided (nypost.com)

Even the cops are running away...
Seattle loses almost 20% of police force amid year of nationwide protests: "We're not allowed to intercede" - CBS News

California's Newsom ordered to pay $1.35M in settlement with LA-area church over coronavirus restrictions | Fox News

NYT Stealth Edits Headline Claiming 'Attacks On Jews' Are Bad Because They Help Conservatives (thefederalist.com)

Embattled DA Chesa Boudin Places Blame For San Francisco Crime On Poor Police Follow Up – CBS San Francisco (cbslocal.com)

Andy Ngô on Twitter: "An east Asian man was shoved onto the subway track at the 21st Street Queensbridge station in NYC this morning.

Fears Arise As Burglaries In San Francisco Soar – CBS San Francisco (cbslocal.com)

I Was Robbed in San Francisco While the Cameras Rolled | PetaPixel

Man stabbed, robbed in Queens subway station (nypost.com)

Of course he is...
De Blasio to kneel in honor of George Floyd (nypost.com)

It just doesn't stop...
Man hit with hammer, three others attacked in NYC subway mayhem (nypost.com)

When will society realize the left has gone mad?
St. Louis' murder rate, already highest in US, soared last year; mayor vows to defund the police | Fox News

‘Heroic’ UPS worker saves boy from vicious attack over his sneakers | The Independent

“If I could do it again, I would do it again,” I'm sure he will be out in no time...
No remorse in NYC pummeling of Jewish man: DA (nypost.com)

NYC pro-Israel protesters attacked, Dem leadership called out for staying largely silent | One America News Network (oann.com)

California man, 30, held in Los Angeles ‘anti-Semitic’ attack outside restaurant: report | Fox News

Police arrest unmasked attendee as maskless group shows up at Timberlane school meeting | Education | unionleader.com

Minneapolis Police: 2 dead, 8 injured in downtown shooting | Fox News

Newsom ain't going nowhere...
Netflix CEO donates $3M to defend Gavin Newsom against recall | Fox News

Woman punched while getting off bus in unprovoked Queens attack (nypost.com)

Gun owner saves the day...
Jewish family harassed in Miami area, get help from gun owner: reports | Fox News

Man suspected of biting part of Asian man's finger off in New York arrested, charged with hate crime (nbcnews.com)

Ever notice that Arabs are always attacking the Jews, even during "peaceful protests? The media hasn't...
Michal Divon מיכל דיבון ميخال ديفون on Twitter: "Jews being attacked on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Can’t say I didn’t see this coming

Jailed last month for a shooting, and back in jail for shooting someone else this month... Abolish Bail Reform!!
UPDATE: SF Potrero Hill Shootings Suspect Had Been Arrested in April; 2nd Victim Identified – CBS San Francisco (cbslocal.com)

Slashing random people in the subway is now a thing...
Woman slashed in unprovoked attack at NYC subway station (nypost.com)

The once "safest big city" in America is no longer...
7 shot, 2 killed in wild night of violence in NYC (nypost.com)

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren's husband taken into custody amid 'criminal investigation' (nypost.com)

Thai woman attacked on BART train - HOPCLEAR

Georgia woman wanted for battery after brutal attack at Little Caesars restaurant | Fox News (VIDEO)

Of course he wants non-citizens to vote. More Democrats...
NY Dem Mayoral Candidate Andrew Yang: Give Non-Citizens The Right To Vote | The Daily Wire

AOC, Progressive Colleagues Argue ‘Aggravated Felonies’ Label Punishes ‘Asylum Seekers’ | The Daily Wire

What happened to, listen to the science?
Lori Lightfoot: Vaccinated Chicagoans Should Still Wear Masks Despite CDC Guidance (breitbart.com)

If they keep on letting out the same person who attacks you, what course of action do you have left? I can think of something...
San Francisco Chinatown business owner allegedly attacked twice by same suspect - HOPCLEAR

Portland: Man Chased by Knife-Wielding Thug in Broad Daylight (Video) (thegatewaypundit.com)

Disabled Army Vet Attacked By Four Black Women Calling Her a 'White B-tch' — Court to Decide if it Was Hate Crime (thegatewaypundit.com)

Cops assaulted trying to remove fare beater from subway station (nypost.com)

Next time where a bigger mask...
Suspect in string of NYC bank robberies busted (nypost.com)

NYC Pride announces move to prevent police officers from participating in parade | The Independent

Someone with a brain...
California D.A.s Challenge New Rule That Could Make 76,000 Inmates Eligible For Early Release | The Daily Wire

Good Samaritan bitten and choked on NYC subway (nypost.com)

Slashing's, beatings armed robberies, just another day on the subway.
MTA's Feinberg slams de Blasio over latest subway violence (nypost.com)

Jesus statue toppled, American flag burned in Brooklyn church attack (nypost.com)

Los Angeles Lyft driver, 67, pistol-whipped, robbed at gunpoint at gas station, dash cam video shows | Fox News

WATCH - 'I can't wait until black people lynch white people,' say Antifa/BLM activists at police appreciation event in Washington ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Times Square shooting suspect Farrakhan Muhammad arrested in Florida ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Last year in New York City, murders rose by 45 percent and shooting incidents by 97 percent, numbers that have continued to rise in 2021.
A Crossroads | City Journal (city-journal.org)

Protesters clash outside Israeli Consulate in Manhattan (nypost.com)

Just another day in NYC...
Tourist stabbed with screwdriver on NYC subway (nypost.com)

The city has let their #1 tourist attraction turn to a shithole...
Venice Beach Boardwalk on Twitter: "Venice Beach Boardwalk - (VIDEO fight with sticks)

Dion Lim on Twitter: Blacks attack 80 year old Asian man. The suspects are teens as young as 16 and you can hear one laughing loudly.

In trouble, then use the race card...
Baltimore State’s Attorney Asks Biden’s FCC To Stop Fox News Affiliate’s ‘Racist’ Reporting On Marilyn Mosby | The Daily Wire

The "Woke" are dumbing down the nation...
Virginia School Board Shuts Down Parent's Objections To Racism (thefederalist.com)

'Person of interest' in Times Square shooting that injured 3, including 4-year-old girl ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

He is violently insane, but somewhere there is a liberal fighting for his release...
Man Charged With Stabbing Two Asian Women Refuses To Leave Cell For Court Appearance | The Daily Wire

If the judge supported Law Enforcement, they wouldn't ban it...
Maryland Judge Bans ‘Thin Blue Line’ Clothing For Court Employees | The Daily Wire

One large man takes on BLM...
Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter: "Black Lives Matter does whatever it wants. It owns the streets, even in Texas.

The Who’s Roger Daltrey: Woke Generation Creating A ‘Miserable World … For Themselves’ | The Daily Wire

HHS Looks To House Migrant Children In Shuttered North Carolina School Building (thefederalist.com)

The mainstream media dropped most of its violence against Asians news since the wrong people are doing it...
Asian shop owner punched in the face in Washington, DC | TheHill

WATCH (WARNING) -- 64-year-old man beaten with crowbar by black man, dragged during robbery ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com) https://youtu.be/Pnslt9VJuDA

He'd have my vote! (Eric Adams)
Tucker Carlson: Could New York City have a gun-wielding mayor? | Fox News (VIDEO)

How New York Democrats' 'Bail Reform' Increased Hate And Other Crimes (thefederalist.com)

Jenner's got it right...
Caitlyn Jenner on Twitter: "In Gavin Newsom’s California, there’s one set of rules for Sacramento, and another set of rules for the rest of us. (VIDEO)

Now they are armed...
Andy Ngô on Twitter: armed #BLM protesters in Portland shut down the road. They beat up this older man & stole his gun. (VIDEO)

Whites, Latinos & Asians need not apply...
S.F. shifts $3.75M from law enforcement budgets to support Black businesses (msn.com)

Everyday attacks caught on video. Can you imagine how many are not...
NYPD NEWS on Twitter: "🚨WANTED for ROBBERY: Do you now this guy? On 5/4/21 at approx 3:30 AM, inside of the Union St subway station in Brooklyn, the suspect approached a 63-year-old male from behind, assaulted him

South Carolina House Adds Firing Squad As Choice For Executions… | Weasel Zippers

Why are Antifa members so ugly?
Portland Antifa May Day rioters charged with felonies by district attorney | The Post Millennial

Asian father attacked and good samaritans prevent suspects from getting away with stolen items in San Francisco - HOPCLEAR

He was to attend a wedding.
An Israeli man shot dead in Baltimore - DEBKAfile

Non-White Nationalist attacks Asians with concrete block...
Sister store owners viciously attacked in Baltimore by an assailant with cement block - HOPCLEAR (GRAPHIC)

Michael Moore on Twitter: "The life of Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa shows that people can come from all over the world and truly assimilate into our beloved American culture.

Newsom blames anti-mask and anti-vax extremists, and pro-Trump forces on recall...
Newsom blames 'anti-vax extremists' for recall but has history with anti-vaccine advocate RFK Jr. | Fox News

Man Urinates on 25-Year-Old Asian Woman In NYC Subway ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Mark Dice on Twitter: "Black man harasses Filipino man on train (thinking he’s Chinese) about China mistreating Uyghurs. #StopAsianHate 

Math promotes white supremacy? When liberals control education, math becomes racist....
STUPID is the new “progress” … Oregon trying to abolish math, claiming it’s racist – NaturalNews.com

Black man yells, "you mother-f****** Asian," then attacks on NYC subway.
Suspect charged with attacking man on NYC subway (nypost.com)

Maniac busted for slashing 3 straphangers on subway: sources (nypost.com)

Miami Sets Earlier Curfew after Spring Break Crowds, Fights | Newsmax.com

If she were white she'd be fire immediately.
SF school official criticized for tweeting racial slur, accusing Asians of using 'white supremacist thinking' | Fox News

Crazy SF school board can't just let it go...
San Francisco school sued over plan to rename ‘racist' schools (nypost.com)

It happened in Canada, but could have just as easily happened here.
Man arrested for discussing child's gender in court order violation (nypost.com)

Alpha News on Twitter: "Mayor Jacob Frey and City Attorney Jim Rowader attempt to explain why Minneapolis agreed to a $27 million civil settlement with George Floyd's family in the middle of jury selection for Derek Chauvin's trial: (Video)

Don't think there is a double standard?
The Root accused of racism after piece by New York Times contributor declares 'Whiteness is a Pandemic' | Fox News

Gov. Newsom blames white nationalists & Proud Boy types for recall. Recall signatures were about 70% Democrat.

Marvel Announces New Gay Captain America Who Is 'Inspired by the Heroes of the Queer Community' (westernjournal.com)

They still don't get it. Less cops more crime.
Portland reports 2000% rise in homicides after defunding police - YouTube

Senator Ron Johnson on Twitter: "Along with peaceful protests last summer there were too many scenes like this.  (Violent Video)

How do you make people violent? Take away their children when it is not warranted...
EXCLUSIVE: NYC Judge Removes 6-Year-Old From Mother Because She Didn't Wear a Mask While Dropping Her Off at School

The SF DA will let her out in no time...
Uber Assault Suspect Malaysia King Returning To San Francisco To Face Charges – CBS San Francisco (cbslocal.com)

How do you lower robberies? Change what is classified as a robbery...
Asian-American Community Leaders Call Proposed State Senate Crime Bill ‘Tone Deaf’ – CBS San Francisco (cbslocal.com)

A once clean park is now a homeless community.
Los Angeles Times on Twitter: "By latest count, 174 tents or makeshift structures are at Echo Park lake.

Ill. Superintendent Tries To Silence Community Over Critical Race Training (thefederalist.com)

The Woke are winning for now...
The ARTS under assault by the insane Left. Disney BLOCKS movies like Peter Pan, Dumbo and Swiss Family Robinson – NaturalNews.com

Are Under Armour's white employees too white?
Under Armour caught forcing white employees to watch anti-white “diversity” propaganda – NaturalNews.com

Prison Guards Refusing Vaccine Despite COVID-19 Outbreaks | Newsmax.com

When will it stop?
West Coast cities erupt in violence on Breonna Taylor anniversary | Fox News

And they are not white nationalists. Shocking...
Analysis links 12 groups and gangs to most of SF’s gun violence – The San Francisco Examiner (sfexaminer.com)

"Louisville, Ky.: Armed BLM protesters have shut down the road and are forcing drivers to turn around." Andy Ngô on Twitter:

Blacks are attacking other blacks and Asians, and Carrol Fife is blaming White Nationalists...

After defunding the police, Portland Mayor desperate to hire police... Fools!
Mayor Ted Wheeler seeks $2 million to bring back uniformed police team to address spike in shootings

The rioting has not stopped across the nation...
Jack Posobiec on Twitter: "Federal agents square off with Antifa in Portland last night

White Nationalists kill Asian man. Just kidding, is wasn't White Nationalists...
75-Year-Old Asian Man Dies Following Oakland Assault – NBC Bay Area

The new Venice Beach. How do you like it?
VSH on Twitter: "Venice Beach Boardwalk -

They're cancelling the lease before the building is complete.
Salesforce cancels huge downtown office lease in SF (sfgate.com)

Another autonomous zone appears.
Andy Ngô on Twitter: "Reporter @BrianEntin tried to document what’s happening at the growing “George Floyd Autonomous Zone”

Deans Tell Students Law School Is Too White | Newsmax.com

Black man attacks Asian. Will they protest against white nationalists again in his honor?
Video shows suspect in unprovoked assault on Asian man in NYC (nypost.com)

You can't make this stuff up...
"Several hundred people from the Washington Square Park "Unite Against White Nationalism" in response to anti-Asian/AAPI violence happening in New York and across the country.

Disagree with the liberal ideology, get fired...
High School Football Coach Fired After Raising Concerns About Critical Race Theory In His Daughter's Middle School Curriculum

SF businesses get fined if they do not clean up after vandals in a timely manner.
San Francisco businesses keep getting hit with graffiti fines. Critics say the rules make no sense (sfchronicle.com)

Will they have the same immunity the police just had taken away from them?
NYC First Lady asks citizens to 'physically intervene' in violent crime after city defunded police

Looks like someone need to be taught a lesson in equality.
Uber driver Subhakar picked up 3 women in the Bayview yesterday. after asking one to wear a mask was subject to slurs, taunting & one grabbing his phone. VIDEO

BLM harass children during cheerleading competition because of their white privilege...
BLM Protesters Threaten Little Girls and Small Children Outside Cheerleading Competition in Louisville (VIDEO) (thegatewaypundit.com)

Single family homes are racist? Say what???
California Turns a Corner on Single-Family Zoning - Bloomberg

The fake "Me Too" allegations are just a distraction. He ordered 1000's of New Yorks elderly to their deaths and then hid the stats...
Are the Cuomo harassment allegations just political correctness? (nypost.com)

People are running from cities run by radical liberals who have attempted to defund the police...
New Yorkers and San Franciscans Leaving in Droves (thegatewaypundit.com)

SF to set up "safe sleeping villages" for the homeless. Each tent will cost the tax payers $5000 a month.
Insanely, It Is Costing San Francisco $5,000/Month For Each Homeless Tent (sfist.com)

THOUSANDS of Californian's got the wrong covid vaccine dose | Daily Mail Online

She'd have my vote for Mayor...
Nicole Malliotakis on Twitter: "The Democrats say they don’t support defunding the police...this is their chance to show it!

Crime is so bad in SF, a local news network can't do a report about theft without getting robbed at gunpoint...
KPIX 5 Reporter Robbed At Gunpoint While Covering Car Break-Ins At San Francisco’s Twin Peaks – CBS San Francisco (cbslocal.com)

Alabama Senate votes to make hormone therapy and surgery for trans youth a felony - CBS News

California of course...
Two teens 'forced to leave school' over 'blackface' photo say it was actually green acne medication

No one told Michelle...
Some Dr. Seuss books to be pulled for racist imagery (fox5ny.com)

The Arizona Department of Education has created an "equity" toolkit claiming that babies show the first signs of racism at three months old and that white children "remain strongly biased in favor of whiteness" by age five.

Robotic dogs are racist according to AOC...
AOC Suggests Use Of NYPD's Robotic Police Dog Is Racist - The Police Tribune

Let us know how it works out...
Washington Supreme Court rules drug possession law is unconstitutional (lawenforcementtoday.com)

"They claimed I was really seeing a black man portrayed as an aggressive ape."
Virginia Public School Teacher Describes Critical Race Theory Training: ‘Trickle-Down Indoctrination’ | The Daily Wire

Ex-California mayor who advocated for defunding police arrested for child sex crimes | The Post Millennial

How long will they continue to call them peaceful protesters?
CNN crew chased away by Minnesota rioters after crew member hit in the head with water bottle | Fox News

Too many Jews! Is there no limit to what a liberal can say?
City Council Candidate’s Campaign Manager: Upper West Side Too Jewish | The Jewish Press

AOC-linked group backs 'Defund the Police' advocate in NY primary | Fox News

Minnesota police fortify Kim Potter’s home with concrete barriers | Fox News

Self-identified Antifa members arrive in Twin Cities area as Brooklyn Center protests continue | Fox News

53-year-old Asian man stabbed and robbed in San Francisco -

65-year-old Filipino man beaten and
carjacked outside Oakland market - HOPCLEAR

LIVE UPDATES: Minnesota police, rioters clash after Daunte Wright shooting; dozens arrested | Fox News

Liberal California teacher gets triggered...
Reopen California Schools on Twitter: "Newly released video of a @SanMarcosUSD HS teacher going off on students and their parents over distance learning and other issues.

Protests Erupt after Police Shoot Black Man in Minneapolis Traffic Stop | Newsmax.com

Why would a city government allow their own tourism industry to be destroyed?
Venice Beach Residents Demand Homelessness Plan – NBC Los Angeles

Do as I say not as I do...
Michigan governor's top aide vacations in Florida, despite Whitmer's travel warning | Fox News

That'll win fans...
NYC Mayor de Blasio's office says he is having 'too much fun,' amid crime, homelessness and business closures | Fox News

The police have their hands tied.
Video shows men harassing NYPD cops (nypost.com)

Mentally ill have taken over Venice Beach (Video)
VSH on Twitter: "Venice Beach Boardwalk 2021 https://t.co/P1Gr5dklfp" / Twitter

COVID variants now account for 80% of new cases in NYC (nypost.com)

Texas' 'Star-Spangled Banner' Protection Act Passes in Bipartisan Vote 28-2 | Newsmax.com

Andy Ngô on Twitter: "In addition to months of ongoing #antifa riots in Portland that have ruined businesses in downtown, the city is struggling with record numbers of growing vagrant encampments

Everyone can carry gun in public as South Carolina House passes gun rights bill - News Break

Too late!
NYC is on the brink — here's what a new mayor can do to save it (nypost.com)

Asian man, 66, punched in unprovoked Bronx attack: cops (nypost.com)

WATCH: Entire Restaurant Chants "Get Out!" as Covid Police Try (and Fail) to Shut It Down (rumble.com)

VIDEO: 61-Year-Old Randomly Sucker-Punched on Busy NYC Street (breitbart.com)

Upper West Side robbery crew targets NYC teens, Citi Bikers (nypost.com)

Truth Bomb!
Twitter: "Charles Barkley spittin truth! it’s all about the divide and conquer agenda https://t.co/E81b2Pw2h4" / Twitter

Crew of armed robbers wreaks havoc around NYC Central Park - New York Daily News (nydailynews.com)

Hey L.A., let us know how that works out for ya...
Los Angeles top prosecutor to erase gang unit, sources say | Fox News

Another parolee on the attack. Liberals still have not made the connection of what happens when you empty your jails and prisons...
Man slashes dad, mom and 1-year-old in Lower Manhattan (nypost.com)

Black man arrested for stomping on elderly Asian woman was on parole for killing his mother. Keep the criminals locked up!
Man arrested for attacking Asian American woman, 65, was on parole for killing his mother, police say | The Independent

Alison Collins is attempting to silence her critiques. She is suing everyone over Twitter responses to her racist comments.
SF school board member Alison Collins sues district, colleagues over response to her tweets (sfchronicle.com)

NY Times attempts to intimidate jurors in George Floyd trial by printing information about them. They are suppose to be anomalous.
Who Are the Jurors in the Derek Chauvin Trial? - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

AOC claims the word surge is a "white supremacist idea."
Twitter: .@AOC on border crisis: "This is not a 'surge,' these are children, and they are not insurgents." https://t.co/2V9GO5p8xe" / Twitter

Not only does she want "Bystander training," she says people turn away from Asians the same way the turn away from LGBT. Wacko...
Lindsey Boylan wants 'bystander training' after anti-Asian attack in NYC (nypost.com)

NYPD Crime Stoppers on Twitter:a female, 65, was approached by an unidentified male who punched and kicked her about the body and made anti-Asian statements. Have Info? Call 1-800-577-TIPS. Up to $2500 reward.

Suspect who assaulted Philly Asian store worker arrested - HOPCLEAR

NYPD hunts for assailant seen in video brutally beating Asian woman on way to church | Fox News

You can't make this stuff up...
NYC cop-killer now helping to reform the police (nypost.com)

DC Mayor blames victim, then deletes tweet.

BREAKING: Suspects in the Virginia Beach Mass Shootings Finally Identified ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Let us know how that works out...
Baltimore Will No Longer Prosecute 'Low Level Crimes' Like Prostitution, Trespassing, Urinating in Public and Selling Drugs

Two Washington DC teenage girls, 13 & 15, steal car, crash it and kill driver.

San Francisco to pay 'essential' artists $1,000 per month basic income in pilot program amid pandemic | Fox News

They can market it anyway they want. This is nothing more than a distribution of wealth.
San Francisco rolls out a guaranteed income program giving artists $1,000 a month | Datebook (sfchronicle.com)

From the WTF file!
Felony rape charge doesn’t apply if victim got drunk on her own, Minnesota Supreme Court rules – Twin Cities

Another attack on law enforcement that will hurt the citizens of NYC. They're just too woke to know it.
NYPD officers are no longer protected from civil lawsuits after city council passes police reform legislation - CNN

It is all about race to the left.
San Francisco To Provide $1,000/Month To Pregnant Black, Pacific Islander Women To Improve Health Outcomes – CBS San Francisco (cbslocal.com)

Whitey need not apply. What about Asians?
Low-income families eligible for free cash under Oakland program (nypost.com)

State officials are going over recall signatures with a fine comb. Newsom ain't going no where...

California Takes All Votes, But Not All Newsom Recall Signatures (thefederalist.com)

LA police clash with protesters at Echo Park homeless encampment | Fox News

Video & Tweets of the non-stop race baiting by the liberal media.
Tucker Carlson: The left, mainstream media turn Boulder shooting into yet another racial powder keg | Fox News

Has Michael Moore lost his mind? Look what he said about a mass murderer just 2 days after killing 10 innocent people.

This is what happens when you allow liberals to empty your jails & prisons in the name of racism...
Woman sucker-punched in the head, robbed in NYC subway station: video (nypost.com)

Bill Melugin on Twitter: "NEW: "You're always gonna be a Mexican, you'll never be white, you know that?" A Latino LASD deputy sent me his bodycam video of a woman claiming to be a teacher launching into a racist tirade against him when he pulled her over in San Dimas. She repeatedly calls him a murderer. https://t.co/Cc8jSVenCQ" / Twitter

New York to begin major reopening on May 19; full subway service to resume May 17 (fox5ny.com)

Another early released prisoner most likely...
"WANTED BY NYPD: Suspect viciously beats, stomps 49-year-old man's head in Brooklyn attack; (GRAPHIC)

Andy Ngô on Twitter:NYPDHateCrimes has released footage of a hammer attack on two Asian women by a black female suspect.

This is what happens when radical leftists take over a city...
NYC sees bloodiest week this year with 46 shooting incidents (nypost.com)

Two different Zoom links, one for POC's and one for whites...
Madison, Wisconsin School Shamefully Re-Embraces 'Seperate But Equal' (thefederalist.com)

Many on the left have gone absolutely wacko...
Jeopardy Winner Accused Of Flashing White Power Sign. He Was Showing How Many Times He Won. | The Daily Wire

Three More Cities Vote ‘No Confidence’ In Progressive L.A. County D.A. Gascón Amid Recall Threat | The Daily Wire

Because California isn't already screwed up enough...
California plans early release for 76,000 prison inmates -- including violent felons | Fox News

Police officers under siege with violent attacks, job scrutiny - Washington Times

Stanford Student Government Candidate: 'White People Need To Be Eradicated' (thefederalist.com)

Idaho Bans Teachers From Making Students 'Affirm' Critical Race Theory (thefederalist.com)

You knew that was coming...
Idaho Cop Suspended For Viral TikTok Mocking LeBron James' Police Threat (thefederalist.com)

LAPD Reps Blast Hollywood For Anti-Police Rhetoric At Oscars | The Daily Wire

More than 200 Seattle police officers quit over the last year, many citing anti-police climate | Fox News

In NYC, you never know when that sucker punch is coming...
NYC Caught On Camera last night shows how a man walking on the street gets "Sucker Punched" in the confines of the @NYPD79Pct.

Newsom blames Republicans. Are there enough left in Ca. to blame?
Faulconer, Cox Come Out Swinging as Newsom Recall Qualifies for Calif. Ballot - Times of San Diego

SEE IT: Standby Passengers At Center Of Miami International Airport Brawl – CBS Miami (cbslocal.com)

"Welcome to NYC! Even as our Detectives investigate crimes they’re attacked by emboldened criminals, who have quickly realized there are no consequences for law breakers in our city. Twitter

Hysterical but he will probably be fire for mocking "King James."
WATCH: Police Officers Mock LeBron After He Targeted Cop Who Saved Black Girl From Being Stabbed | The Daily Wire

Teacher fire for saying anti-white curriculum hurting white children in private conversation with principal.
School Principal Privately Admits What 'Anti-racist' Curriculum Is Doing to White Kids by Leah Barkoukis (townhall.com)

Former Virginia Tech Women's Soccer Player Suing Coach After She Was Forced Off College Soccer Team For Refusing to Kneel (thegatewaypundit.com)

Former Virginia Tech Women's Soccer Player Suing Coach After She Was Forced Off College Soccer Team For Refusing to Kneel (thegatewaypundit.com)

More lip service?
Portland's Democratic mayor begs public to help 'unmask' members of 'self-described anarchist mob' | Fox News

The media has slowed their reporting of violence against Asians. Seems the wrong people are committing these crimes nine out of ten times...
Asian woman almost robbed of purse in Portala, San Francisco - HOPCLEAR

Portland police declare riot Friday night after mayor's state-of-emergency extension | Fox News

Because defacing statues will make everything alright...
Unrest near New York’s Central Park as mob splashes paint on statues, defaces property; arrests made | Fox News

Minneapolis’ George Floyd Square features special instructions for White people | Fox News

Is it racist for cops to shoot a black woman on a stabbing spree? Protesters in Columbus Ohio think so ...
Activists Erupt After Police Kill Black Ohio Girl; Video Shows Cop Protected Woman From ‘Knife’ Attack | The Daily Wire

Man attacks officer with glass bottle gets shot. Charges dropped. Officer charged with assault???
Charges against Jamaica Hampton dismissed by SF judge (ktvu.com)

Several people shot at a Chicago McDonalds. One victim is a little girl who was shot while inside a vehicle in the drive-thru. Footage shows police rushing the girl away.

Antifa is burning down Portland. Media ignore...
Andy Ngô on Twitter: "Portland: #Antifa carried out arson attacks throughout downtown.

Being a cop is getting more dangerous everyday!
Stanley Roberts on Twitter: "Meanwhile in Brooklyn... @NYPD officers stopped a red light runner who then doused the officer with a chemical before driving away, plus tossing a Molotov cocktail.

David Schuman on Twitter: ".@RepMaxineWaters from California is here in front of Brooklyn Center Police Department. Swarmed with cameras https://t.co/jbVi437keH" / Twitter

This is what they voted for...
Lisa Bennatan on Twitter: "Altercation breaks out between police and protesters as protesters were walking through diners #WashingtonDC https://t.co/tOsiLmP5HC" / Twitter

Democrats Want Feds To Block Miami Latinos From Hearing Conservative Radio | The Daily Wire

Riots, protests in Minnesota, Chicago, elsewhere in reaction to police shootings | Fox News

US & World News

President Biden takes office, Iran stops sharing its nuclear data...
U.N. Watchdog Says It Has Been Unable To Access Iran’s Nuclear Program Data Since February | The Daily Wire

Ric Grenell to Newsmax: Idea VP Harris Is Ready to Lead 'Is a Joke' | Newsmax.com

Biden denies permit to "Rolling Thunder," because guys on motorcycles can spread Covid? Or is it something else?
Rolling to Remember forges ahead despite Biden Pentagon rejections | One America News Network (oann.com)


Vice President Kamala Harris under fire for 'disrespectful' tweet | Fox News

You mean Trump was right all along...
Study Alleges Proof China Lab Created COVID, Covered It Up | Newsmax.com

Killer drone ‘hunted down a human target’ without being told to | Fox News

Vietnam identifies new, highly transmissible variant of coronavirus | TheHill

President Trump: "What Happens when People Find Out All These States Are Gonna Flip, Does That Mean You Go 3.5 Years With Someone Destroying Our Country?" (thegatewaypundit.com)

Even if they found video of pollsters shutting down polling stations and then stuffing the machines with mystery ballots removed from under tables, it wouldn't make a difference. Wait, that happened...
N.H. voter integrity leader: ‘Smoking gun’ proof of election fraud | One America News Network (oann.com)

Oh come one, you've seen all the creepy photos & videos.
'Looks like she's 19': Uproar over Biden remarks about girl at military event (nypost.com)

They're trying to escape the insane liberal politics without actually moving...
More Oregon Counties Join Movement To Leave State And Become Part Of Idaho (thegatewaypundit.com)

Anti-vaxxer Colorado sheriff’s deputy, 33, dies of COVID complications (nypost.com)

Another coward who should have given the woke the finger...
Rutgers leaders forced to apologize for statement condemning anti-Semitism (nypost.com)

CNN, AP, Daily Beast headlines refer to illegal immigrant convicted in Mollie Tibbetts murder as 'farm worker' | Fox News

There has been a lot of UFO talk as of recent. Maybe they will finally make a good science fiction film soon.
Radar footage shows UFOs swarming Navy ship, filmmaker claims (nypost.com)

China toying with Biden administration at every turn | Fox News

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn: COVID-19 may be a ‘weaponized operation’ by China | One America News Network (oann.com)

12 new cases in a city with 6.5 million, and they are locking down the entire city...
Australia's Victoria state to enter COVID-19 lockdown after ... (trust.org)

Blinken faces hurdles in US plans to mend Palestinian ties and aid Gaza. Israel at odds with US on Jerusalem, Iran - DEBKAfile

If I were not American, I'd be laughing at us too.
Ben Domenech: Other nations laughing at US for embracing 'woke religion' critical race theory | Fox News

Lockheed Martin Put Executives Through Training to Unlearn ‘White Male Privilege’: Report ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Biden’s overtly anti-white COVID rescue plan won’t survive in court (nypost.com)

If you wonder why the left fights any authentication of elections, you are part of the problem.
It's Not Just Arizona: Push to Review 2020 Ballots Spreads | Newsmax.com

Trump: China 'Took Care of Hunter, Took Care of Joe' | Newsmax.com

How much proof do you need to realize the left is insane?
Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden says 8-year-olds can be transgender, despite increased rates of suicide | Fox News

Portland police declare riot on George Floyd death anniversary as fires set, windows smashed; arrests reported | Fox News

Russell Brand Rips Media And Big Tech For Colluding To Protect Joe Biden (thefederalist.com)

When men compete in sports as women...
Track Star Who Lost 4 State Titles to Transgender Speaks Out: 'A Devastating Experience' | Populist Press 2021 ©

Hamas co-founder denies Israel’s right to exist. This is an Islamic region - DEBKAfile

Rand Paul receives death threat package with white powder and violent, profane message | Fox News

Democrat Lawmakers Call Out Far-Left Democrats Over Anti-Semitism: ‘The Silence Has Been Deafening’ | The Daily Wire

What will they come up with next?
New US COVID cases reach lowest level in almost a year (nypost.com)

Do as Meg says, not as Meg does...
Michigan’s Whitmer apologizes after photo emerges on social media | Fox News

Teachers, unions and education officials push 'woke,' leftist policies in schools across US | Fox News

Another Humiliation for Biden: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Unable to Talk to Chinese Military Leaders Despite Repeated Attempts (thegatewaypundit.com)

Biden-Friendly Economist: Bigger Benefit Checks Mean Fewer Workers | Newsmax.com

Don't blame her. Blame the handles...
Kamala Harris wipes hand after greeting South Korean leader, faces Twitter backlash | Fox News

I wouldn't have expected anything different...
Ilhan Omar’s daughter comes out as a communist after supporting riots, calling for insurrection – NaturalNews.com

'They're Scared to Death': Mark Finchem Says Uniparty Knows Ballot Count Won't Match Voting Machines in Arizona - Steve Bannon's War Room: Pandemic

All rockets fired from Hamas were directed at civilians...
In 11 days, Hamas fired 4,000 rockets, the IDF trashed rocket-launchers and tunnels - DEBKAfile

A radiologist and a former White House health care policy adviser...
Dr. Atlas: Medical officials ignored science, stirred up fear to justify extreme COVID-19 measures | One America News Network (oann.com)

Biden to host career criminals family at White House...
Biden to Host George Floyd's Family at White House | Newsmax.com

Kamala fills in for Old Joe. Cringe worthy...
VP Kamala Harris holds unusual bilateral meeting with a foreign leader at the White House | Fox News

Why is the Russian pipeline good with Biden when our own is not? Follow the money...
Lobbyist For ‘Foreign Partners Of Russia’s Nord Stream 2’ Donated To Biden Campaign, Pro-Biden Super PAC: Report | The Daily Wire

The left doesn't really care. It was always about attacking Trump...
Biden Is Keeping Migrant Kids In Horrible Conditions. Where's The Outcry? (thefederalist.com)

Would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that one...
Kamala, Not Joe Called King Of Jordan To Discuss Israeli Ceasefire… | Weasel Zippers

Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire Goes Into Force, Sparking Celebrations | Newsmax.com

Israel accepts an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire. IDF holds back a Hamas “finale strike” - DEBKAfile

US seeing wave of 'textbook anti-Semitism' amid Israel-Gaza tensions | Fox News

Biden, when allowed to speak freely during a scripted "Town Hall," blew off the genocide and defended China by calling it a "Cultural Norm."
House Bill Wants Biden Plan on Chinese Uyghur 'Genocide' | Newsmax.com

Lightfoot has not granted a single interview to a white journalist. Not one...
'Whites need not apply' - Chicago’s mayor refuses to give interviews to white reporters ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

They can't not attack Trump. TDS...
Trump lashes out at prosecutors over criminal probe into company | TheHill

House Intel Republicans say 'significant circumstantial evidence' of COVID Wuhan lab leak | Fox News

Dallas four-year-old boy seen snatched from bed by suspect Darriynn Brown in chilling video | Fox News

Did anyone really think they'd support Israel?
Black Lives Matter 'stands in solidarity' with Palestinians, vows to fight for 'Palestinian liberation' | Fox News

Dems to Hold Hearing on White Identity Terrorism As Violence in Israel Mounts (freebeacon.com)

Israel-Gaza conflict continues to intensify; rockets reported from Lebanon | Fox News

Biden admin's mixed messages on fuel pipelines are as muddled as mask mandates | Fox News


Sounds about right for CNN...
Outrage after social media users discover series of Hitler-praising tweets from CNN freelancer | Fox News

Netanyahu Torches CBS Host On What U.S. Would Do If Attacked: ‘You Know Damn Well What You Would Do’ | The Daily Wire

Israeli Strikes Home of Top Hamas Leader | Newsmax.com

Jimmy Carter 2.0: Biden's bundle of crises look increasingly like 1970s | Fox News

They paint him as a nice old guy, but Old Joe ain't nothing nice...
Joe Biden Goes Into Massive Rage | Populist Press 2021 ©

China lands on Mars in latest advance for its space program (nypost.com)

Ted Cruz Slams Jen Psaki Over Her Answer On If Biden Will ‘Commit To Replenishing The Iron Dome’ | The Daily Wire

How easily brainwashed they were. Darn right scary if you think about it...
Maddow Admits Left Needs To 'Rewire' View Of The Maskless As 'Selfish' (thefederalist.com)

Biden ‘Often’ Snaps At Aides With ‘Profanity,’ Report Says. He Promised To ‘Fire’ Anyone Who Did That. | The Daily Wire

Hamas brings out high-powered rockets to hit strategic Israeli targets - DEBKAfile

If we paid, it will only encourage more hackers to hack our systems...
Biden refuses to admit whether $4M ransom was paid to pipeline hackers | One America News Network (oann.com)

Biden: Lifting of Indoor Mask Rule 'Great Day' | Newsmax.com

The rallies will come in support of the America First agenda...
Trump Weighing Dates, Venues for June, July Rallies | Newsmax.com

Indian Health Ambassador Gets COVID Vaccine Live on TV to Show Everyone How Safe It Is – Dies 2 Days Later ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

I am sure the Democrats already have the smear videos ready to go...
Ron DeSantis Hammers Hamas While Biden Falters: They’re ‘A Terrorist Group,’ ‘Are At Fault’ | The Daily Wire

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Officials: Iran Is Giving Us The Rockets We Use To Attack Israel | The Daily Wire

America under siege on Biden's watch as cyberattackers cripple the country | Fox News

120 Ex-Military Leaders Pen Letter Warning of Deep National Perils, Biden's Lack of Fitness | Newsmax.com

The may also want to communicate with the people firing the rockets into Israel...
Biden speaks with Netanyahu, hopes for “swift end” to hostilities - DEBKAfile

Battered Biden under siege as crises confound the White House | Fox News

Democrat Rashida Tlaib Speaks At Fringe Rally Where Activists Call For The Elimination Of Israel | The Daily Wire

VIDEO: Arab Citizens Riot in Israel; Attack Jewish Neighbors, Synagogues (breitbart.com)

Gas Stations Run Dry as Pipeline Races to Recover From Hacking

Russia again?
Biden Says Russia Has ‘Some Responsibility’ in Colonial Attack - Bloomberg

If they were an LGBT organization, would he let them ride?
Memorial Day: Biden faces growing pressure to let veterans use Pentagon parking lot for event | Fox News

ISRAEL STRIKES BACK: Military Strikes 130+ Palestinian Terrorist Targets In Response To Rocket Attacks | The Daily Wire

BREAKING: School Hit After Palestinian Terrorists Fire 130+ Rockets At Israel In Under 5 Minutes | The Daily Wire

FDA authorises Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for children aged 12 to 15 | The Independent

Puzzling how many powerful wealthy friends Jeffrey Epstein had? Pervs...
Melinda Gates has been trying to divorce Bill since 2019 after controversial Epstein report | The Independent

Was Putin talking about the American left's censorship, suppression of free speech, gun control, toppling statues, and the blind eye to riots that go along with the liberal ideology?
Putin tells Red Square parade that Nazi ideas persist (apnews.com)

The "Woke are insane and dangerous...
Blue Check Calls For Elon Musk To Burn To Death In A Tesla After He Flashed ‘OK’ Sign During SNL | The Daily Wire

New spearhead for Palestinian turbulence – Israel Arab youth. Unrest spreads to Haifa, Nazareth - DEBKAfile

She is currently being treated for her uncontrolled fits of laughter.
Kamala Harris has gone 46 days without a news conference since being tapped for border crisis role | Fox News

Chinese rocket falls to Earth over Indian Ocean, trackers say | The Independent

Times Square Shooting Leaves 3 Bystanders Injured: NYPD – NBC New York

AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett Drops a BOMB! - Says "It's Very Concerning" that Dominion Has Passwords, Control of Maricopa County Voting Systems and Officials There Do Not (thegatewaypundit.com)

I hope by now, people realize that many on the left are insane...
Sarah Silverman Calls Caitlyn Jenner A ‘T***’; Promotes Transgenders In Girls Sports: ‘You Think A Trans Girl Is Too Strong?!’ | The Daily Wire

Poor Michelle.
Michelle Obama Says She is Terrified Her Daughters Will be Racially Profiled When They're Driving Alone (VIDEO) (thegatewaypundit.com)

You think there is freedom of speech?
Colleagues Silent On CDC Retaliation Against 'Superstar' Scientist (thefederalist.com)

Facebook will black this article...
Chinese Military Scientists Discussed Weaponizing SARS Coronaviruses In Document Obtained By U.S. Government: Australian Media | The Daily Wire

Weak Jobs Report Could Slow Biden's Huge Money Package, Stiffening GOP Resistance | Newsmax.com

Jen is leaving...
Next White House Press Secretary Likely to Be LGBT | Newsmax.com

Jen Psaki admits she tells Biden 'don't take questions' (nypost.com)

President Biden forgets to mention GOD in national day of prayer...
Biden’s National Day Of Prayer Proclamation Forgoes ‘God’ For ‘Climate Change’ And ‘Racial Justice’ - The Daily Caller

I can see why...
Jen Psaki admits she tells Biden 'don't take questions' (nypost.com)

This pretty much sums up where the left is at... TDS is real...
Trump May Be Banned From Facebook, But Bashar Al-Asaad Waves To You From It… | Weasel Zippers

India sees new covid-19 record - DEBKAfile

Blinken Says US May Ramp up Security Assistance to Ukraine | Newsmax.com

Virtue Signaling Is Leading Directly To A Social Credit System (thefederalist.com)

If a Republican committed the same offense, the mob would be in front of their home. Funny, nothing from BLM?
Texas Dem Party Leader Calls Tim Scott Racial Slur, Then Resigns. Texas Dems Won’t Accept His Resignation. | The Daily Wire

Derek Chauvin files motion for new trial in George Floyd case, alleging jury misconduct (nbcnews.com)

Cheney Could Be 'Toast' in Fight With Trump Over GOP Future | Newsmax.com

Woke CIA?
This Is The CIA’s New Woke Recruitment Film Everyone Is Laughing At… | Weasel Zippers

One juror feared for their life, and another wore a BLM shirt and attended a rally. Guilty or not, the trial was not fair...
Brandon Mitchell, Derek Chauvin juror who attended pre-trial rally, may jeopardize guilty verdict - Washington Times

‘She’s A Liability’: Republicans Intend To Oust Liz Cheney From House Leadership By Month’s End, Report Says | The Daily Wire

Joe Biden’s Crackhead Son Still Owns 10% Of A Chinese Business… | Weasel Zippers

Even Australia sees the left's hypocrisy...

They are still pushing the false Russia conspiracy, and being called on it...
CNN Hits WashPost, NY Times, NBC for Failed Retractions on False Giuliani Story | Newsmax.com

Ron DeSantis To Sign Bill Banning Biological Males From Competing In Girls Sports | The Daily Wire

Kamala Harris has gone 39 days without a news conference since being tapped for border crisis role | Fox Newsl

Romney booed while on stage at Utah GOP convention | Fox News

Funny, I thought it was the right that were supposed to be the racist ones...
Texas Dem official faces demands to resign for calling Tim Scott 'an oreo' | Fox News

Biden Issues Indian Travel Ban A Year After Calling Trump's China Travel Ban Xenophobic (thefederalist.com)

They're still looking for Nancy's laptop, and in the wrong home.
Search for Pelosi's laptop leads feds to Alaska -- and wrong home, woman claims | Fox News

Old Joe means any white reublican waving an American flag...
Biden claims white supremacy is biggest terror threat, security experts say Islamic terrorists killed thousands of Americans | One America News Network (oann.com)

No one listened to the most popular president in American history?
Biden's Address Garnered Less Than Half The Ratings Of Trump's Lowest Speech (thefederalist.com)

New Explosive Detail About John Kerry Discovered In Leaked Audio Tape Of Iran’s Foreign Minister, Report Says | The Daily Wire

Oh yeah that....
Did Democrats Forget The 1983 Senate Bombing? (thefederalist.com)

‘Worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War!’ Can Biden really be this dumb? - American Thinker

Even the FBI didn't want to open that can of worms...
Giuliani Shocker: FBI Refused to Take Hunter's Hard Drive  | Newsmax.com

The party that cries racism every chance they get is actually the racist party. "Uncle Tim" is trending on Twitter...
'Uncle Tim' slur against Tim Scott trends on Twitter after his Biden rebuttal | Fox News

Biden Slammed For ‘Divisive And Radical’ Speech That May Cause ‘Bloodbath For Democrats’ In 2022 | The Daily Wire

Shakeup in Iran's Presidential Office after Leaked Tape | Newsmax.com

Relief or redistribution?
Biden moves to extend key parts of COVID-19 relief bills with American Families Plan | Fox Business

Border Patrol Chief Resists Biden: ‘I Cannot’ Comply With Demand To Use Non-Legal Immigration Terms | The Daily Wire

Texas Official Sues Biden Administration For Discriminating Against White Farmers  | The Daily Wire

John Kerry is accused of telling Iran about Israeli operations...
Calls for John Kerry to be investigated for what he told Iran | Fox News

California is still in denial about the state it is in and why there is a mass exodus occurring.
Texas will gain two seats in Congress | The Texas Tribune

WATCH: Biden Admin Repeatedly Refuses To Answer Questions On Iranian Official Revealing John Kerry Sold Out Israel | The Daily Wire

President Trump says Project Veritas proves CNN committed campaign violations | One America News Network (oann.com)

China Censors History-Making Chloe Zhao's Oscars Success | Newsmax.com

Ex-Trump Chief Economist Kudlow: Biden's Tax Plan an 'Assault on Investment' | Newsmax.com

Stunning Chauvin Juror Confession: I Was Worried About ‘Rioting And Destruction’ (thefederalist.com)

Race-Baiters Have Incited More Violence Than Trump Ever Did (thefederalist.com)

Clinton’s White House welcomed Epstein, Maxwell as VIP guests, new photos show | Fox News

Gaza Militants Fire Rockets at Israel Amid Jerusalem Clashes - WSJ

Apparently Asian is the new white.
Democrats Block Cruz Amendment That Would Ban Funding Colleges That Discriminate Against Asians | The Daily Wire

If Democrats have nothing to hide, why fight every single ballot audit?
President Trump: Results of Ariz. ballot audit will be startling | One America News Network (oann.com)

Biden Admin Gives Green Light To Fly Rainbow Flags At U.S. Embassies Worldwide | The Daily Wire

Black-Owned Businesses At George Floyd Square Beg For Help Amid Spiking Crime, Nosediving Revenue | The Daily Wire

Harris Yet to Visit Border as Crisis Intensifies, Going on 30 Days | Newsmax.com

How high do taxes have to be before we consider ourselves socialist?

Biden to raise capital gains tax to 43% on those earning over a million.

Still hiding something...
Democrats Sue to Block "Audit" of 2020 Arizona Election | Newsmax.com

Virginia moving to eliminate all accelerated math courses before 11th grade as part of equity-focused plan | Fox News

The move would give the left two more senators. Are they cheating?
House Prepares to Say Yes to Making Washington, DC, 51st State | Newsmax.com

As the attack on law enforement continues, crime will only rise.
Biden Believes Bar for Convicting Police Officers Far Too High -White House | Newsmax.com

LeBron James tweets to cop who shot black girl on stabbing spree, "you're next," then deletes later.

LeBron James now-deleted tweet targets officer in Ohio police shooting: 'YOU'RE NEXT' | Fox News

White House, LeBron James Attempting to Cast Ohio Shooting as Racially Motivated | Newsmax.com

VP Border Czar Harris has not had a press conference or visited the border since earning the title...
Kamala Harris has gone 28 days without a news conference since being tapped for border crisis role | Fox News

Biden Administration Wants Schools to Teach Prejudice (dailysignal.com)

May the "peaceful protests" begin (riots).
Derek Chauvin trial verdict live: Latest updates on George Floyd case | The Independent

Gov. Ron DeSantis signs anti-riot bill into law; puts local governments on notice (local10.com)

Minnesota’s Walz declares state of emergency prior to Derek Chauvin verdict | Fox News

McCarthy accuses Waters of 'inciting violence in Minneapolis' | TheHil

Sen. Tom Cotton to Newsmax TV: Worse Than Crisis, Border Is 'Insanity' | Newsmax.com

Get ready for some tax increases.
Biden’s $2T infrastructure plan to be funded by corporate tax hike proposal Fox Business

Biden... Most votes in history. More black votes than our first black president... Mail-in-ballots worked like a charm for the democrats, so why not expand...
Biden Puts Susan Rice in Charge of Effort to Expand Mail-in Voting to Make it Easier For Democrats to Steal Elections (thegatewaypundit.com)

WH: Biden won’t hold direct talks with Kim Jong Un, experts warn China will take over Korean affairs if U.S. fails to open direct talks | One America News Network (oann.com)

Biden Calls on Governors to Reinstate Mask Mandates, Says He Shares CDC Director's Sentiment of "Impending Doom" on Covid Pandemic (VIDEO) (thegatewaypundit.com)

Trump: Fauci, Birx 'Bad, Faulty, Self-Promoters' | Newsmax.com

Donald Trump launches website.
The Office of Donald J. Trump (45office.com)

San Diego public school teachers to give migrant kids in-person instruction before their own students | Fox News

Biden staffer literally blocks Ted Cruz from shooting video at the border. Transparency?

Why now? The pandemic is winding down.
Biden White House Plans 'Vaccine Passports' | Newsmax.com

Psaki: Biden to sign gun control executive orders | One America News Network (oann.com)

Trump says he will probably visit the southern border soon, in exclusive interview with Fox News | Fox News

U.S. murder rates increased by 30% in 2020

Didn't anyone tell him the left will delete him if he says that?
Former CDC Chief Says He Thinks Coronavirus Came From Wuhan Lab | Newsmax.com

Our country is in trouble. A woke military not only defies common sense, but lowers the standards and quality of its members.

It appeared staged, but President Biden gave his first news conference. His cheat sheet had reporters names and detailed notes. It looked anything but spontaneous.
Photos show Biden 'cheat sheets' during first formal press conference | Fox News

President Biden assigns Vice president Harris to handle border crisis.
Arizona’s Ducey calls Harris the ‘worst possible choice’ to fix border | Fox News

Democrats vow to vote down all non-minority Biden picks over ‘insulting’ claim Kamala Harris represents enough diversity | The Independent

North Korea still refuses to communicate with the Biden administration.

Biden on North Korea Missile Launches: 'Nothing Much Has Changed' | Newsmax.com

Biden steals a play from the Harris playbook and laughs at serious question.
Biden Laughs When Reporter Asks About Pyongyang's Saber-Rattling After North Korea Launches Two Missiles in Challenge to Biden Admin (VIDEO) (thegatewaypundit.com)

White House is now referring to the Biden administration as the Biden-Harris administration. It's coming soon...
Leaked Email: ‘Biden White House’ Is Out, ‘Biden-Harris’ White House Is In (thegatewaypundit.com)

It's Trump's fault...
VP Harris seems to blame Trump admin. for border crisis | One America News Network (oann.com)

Free hotel rooms for illegal aliens, NOT homeless veterans or people who have lost their homes during the pandemic.
Biden administration awards ICE $86M contract to secure hotel rooms for illegal families | Fox Business

Trump: We Handed Biden Secure Border, He Made 'National Disaster' | Newsmax.com

China ignores US embargo, buys 40pc of Iranian oil. Alaska encounter ends on jarring note - DEBKAfile

China is the Greatest Existential Threat to the US - Biden's Actions with Russia Were "Childish" - Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (thegatewaypundit.com)

The Biden administration is faced with reality. China is not you friend...
K.T. McFarland to Newsmax TV: U.S. Waking Up to Fact of China Cold War | Newsmax.com

Stephen Miller: America's enemies see 'the president is not home' and 'they are pouncing' | Fox News

Now they are calling Kamala Harris our 1st Asian Vice President. The left is shamelessly obsessed with race...
What a hurting community says it needs from its Asian American vice president (nbcnews.com)

Nearly 30,000 Hongkongers apply to move to UK (telegraph.co.uk)

President Biden trips 3 times walking up stairs to Air Force One.

Putin Challenges Biden to Live TV Debate | Newsmax.com

If the "Dreamers" voted Republican, the left would be building a really big wall...
House OKs Dems' Immigration Bills for Dreamers, Farm Workers | Newsmax.com

US, China trade fierce rebukes at first encounter since Biden took office - DEBKAfile

Russia calls back US ambassador as it ponders ‘irreversible degradation’ after Biden brands Putin a ‘killer’ | The Independent

The Biden Administration Is Imposing A Media Blackout At The Border (thefederalist.com)

21 states sue Biden over Keystone XL pipeline cancellation - Washington Times

Intelligence Makes Alarming Find: North Korea Is Nearing Goal of ICBM Capable of Hitting US, Kim Jong Un Could Soon Test Biden (westernjournal.com)

North Korea 'not responding' to US contact efforts - BBC News

Biden say's don't come, (wink wink) but does not change policy...
Biden Tells Migrants 'Don't Come' as Criticism Grows | Newsmax.com

I know nothing, see nothing, hear nothing...
VP Harris dodges question about migrant children: 'I haven't been briefed on anything today about it' | Fox News

McConnell Mocks Biden for Touting His Vaccines Work | Newsmax.com

Biden AG pick says Antifa, BLM attacks in Portland not domestic terrorism because they occurred after business hours – NaturalNews.com

We knew this was coming...
Biden Eyes First Major Tax Hike Since 1993 in Next Economic Plan | Newsmax.com

GOP senators grill Biden DOJ pick Vanita Gupta over attacks on GOP | One America News Network (oann.com)

Evanston Illinois will be giving reparations to some blacks. The money is coming from marijuana revenue.
Black Americans who will get $25,000 each as part of $10million in reparations from city say it's not enough (the-sun.com)

Children Packed Into Border Patrol Tent for Days on End | Newsmax.com

Cambodia reports first COVID-19 death, 1 year into pandemic (nypost.com)

The crazy people are running the country...
Cost of Transgender Military Members' Reassignment Surgery May Be Covered | Newsmax.com

If Trump is against it liberals will support it...
Trump Position Against Transgender Athletes Draws Broad Support | Newsmax.com

Texas Gov. Abbott Sending 500 Guard Troops to Secure Border | Newsmax.com

No press conferences, won't take questions, and they don't trust him with the nuclear codes...
For National Security Reasons, Let's Keep Biden In The Basement (thefederalist.com)

DHS chief requests volunteers to help at southern border amid 'overwhelming' migrant surge | Fox News

How much longer will he last? Just long enough to sign a couple more executive orders...
Joe Biden forgets defense secretary's name and calls him 'guy who runs that outfit', Internet finds it 'scary' | MEAWW

Arizona Hospital Worker Says Nearly All of New COVID Cases are Illegal Aliens

Biden to let criminals vote. The left wants to allow illegal aliens and children to vote as well because they all vote democrat.
New Biden Executive Order Increases Voting by Criminals

Flu hospitalizations down 98%. Did covid kill the flu???
Where Is Flu Season? Why Cases Are Down This Season

But if you are a citizen, you may need a covid passport to travel...
Biden's DHS Has No Plans to Test the Thousands of Migrants Streaming Across Southern Border -- Has Not Tested Anyone! (thegatewaypundit.com)

Biden has been president for 7 weeks and still has not held a press conference. We all know why, but the left pretends not to...
As even his media apologists complain, Psaki promises Biden will do a presser -- but needs a few more weeks - American Thinker

"Spiraling tsunami" at the southern border...
Trump Rips Biden Over Border | Newsmax.com

YouTube deletes Trumps CPAC speech from its platform. TDS lives on...

YouTube deleted videos of Trump's CPAC speech and suspended a channel that posted it - TheBlaze

Old Joe is never going to give a press conference. His handlers would never allow it. You never know what he will say next...
Biden tells NASA engineer Indian-Americans are 'taking over the country' (nypost.com)

Child Migration Quickly Overwhelming Biden Administration’s Resources, Internal Documents Show | The Daily Caller

Mike Pence breaks silence to slam House Dems' voting reform bill (nypost.com)

China makes COVID-19 anal swabs mandatory for foreigners (nypost.com)

How long will he last?
"BIDEN: "I'm happy to take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do..." White House feed cut*

The left abandons its covid concerns when it comes from South of the border...
Dozens of newly released migrants test positive for virus; 'Hundreds' of border agents are South Texas-bound (borderreport.com)

Biden sets up joint US-Israel, US-Gulf teams for Iranian nuclear talks - DEBKAfile

Biden Blasts Red States for 'Neanderthal Thinking' on Masks | Newsmax.com

Is it any wonder they don't trust Biden. He was simply put in place to sign the executive orders...
Bipartisan senators introduce bill to strip Biden of war powers - POLITICO

National Guard members complain of undercooked, contaminated meals while in DC | Fox News

Not a peep from the left...
China OKs Labeling Homosexuality a 'Psychological Disorder' in Textbook (breitbart.com)

Three “New York” covid variants located in Israel - DEBKAfile

Texas and Other States Ease COVID-19 Rules Despite Warnings | Newsmax.com

The bill would remove a peace officers protection from liability. 
U.S. House, Senate Co-Introduce 'Ending Qualified Immunity Act' - The Police Tribune

Oklahoma House Passed Bill to Let State Declare Biden Executive Orders Unconstitutional (newsweek.com)

WH Senior Adviser: Biden Admin Will 'Start Acting Now' on Reparations (breitbart.com)

Rep Mary Miller To Introduce Bill To Prevent Transgender People From Using Sex-Segregated Bathrooms

After Biden Eases Rules, Migrants Stream Across Southern Border | Newsmax.com

Biden to allow 600,000 to 800,000 Mexican & Central American immigrants a year to work legally in the United States. So how do Americans benefit?
Biden meeting with Mexico president amid efforts to roll back Trump immigration policies | Fox News

Biden administration to pay transportation, healthcare for families separated under Trump (aol.com)

Punish people who never owned slaves and give money to people who were never slaves...
Biden adviser says White House to start acting on reparations (nypost.com)

Maxine Waters encouraging protests.
Maxine Waters urges Minnesota anti-police crowd to ‘stay on the street’ if Chauvin acquitted in Floyd case | Fox News

California Weighs ‘Equitable Math’: Goal of Getting Correct Answer Racist (breitbart.com)

Indefinitely is a long time...

Oregon seeks to keep COVID mask mandate 'indefinitely' (nypost.com)

They really don't know what they are doing...
Reacting To Furious Leftist Backlash, Psaki Blames Reaction To Biden’s Refugee Policy On ‘Confusion’ | The Daily Wire

Meanwhile, AOC is upset with Biden there aren't more refugees being allowed in...
‘Completely And Utterly Unacceptable’: AOC Slams Biden For Breaking Campaign Promise, Keeping Trump-Era Refugee Cap | The Daily Wire

UFC fighter under fire from the woke for making anti-communism remarks. Don't want to hurt the woke communists feelings.
‘Better Dead Than Red’: UFC Fighter Doubles Down On Anti-Communism Remarks | The Daily Wire

Jim Jordan Slams Dr. Fauci: ’15 Days To Slow The Spread Turned Into One Year Of Lost Liberty’ | The Daily Wire

Vaccine loses effeteness within a year...
Pfizer CEO Says The Vax Never Ends… | Weasel Zippers

When there are not enough liberals on the supreme court, just add some...
Democrats to propose legislation expanding the Supreme Court | Fox News

Daunte Wright shooting: Ex-Minnesota police officer Kim Potter to be charged with second-degree manslaughter | Fox News

Apparently the rules and repercussions are different when the police shoot and kill conservatives...
Justice Department Refuses To Charge Unnamed Capitol Officer Who Fatally Shot Ashli Babbitt (thefederalist.com)

The racist left never stops with their racial rhetoric.
Biden U.N. Ambassador Says U.S. Was Founded On White Supremacy (thefederalist.com)

Poll: Almost Half of Republicans Say They'll Never Get Covid-19 Vaccine | Newsmax.com

It is straight forward. Do not fight the police when you are being arrested...
How not to get killed when stopped by a cop - American Thinker

Busted! CNN caught admitting it lied to get Trump out of office.

Democrats Push New Extreme Anti-Police Agenda After Rashida Tlaib Calls For ‘No More Policing’ | The Daily Wire

As if we didn't know CNN is a DNC operative...
Project Veritas: CNN Director Admits 'Our Focus Was to Get Trump Out' (breitbart.com)

Sen. Rand Paul to Newsmax TV: For Vaccine Buy-In, Don't 'Lie' to People | Newsmax.com

As rioters increasingly attack the media, will they still portray them as victims?
BREAKING: MSNBC Films Thugs Looting Dollar Tree - Looters Notice - Attack MSNBC on Live TV - Tell Them to Go the F&$k Home (VIDEO) (thegatewaypundit.com)

U.S. Calls for Pause on Johnson & Johnson Vaccine After Clotting Cases – DNyuz

Maybe she should try a pilot program in her city first just in case it doesn't work out...
Squad member calls for end of US policing, which she says is 'intentionally racist' | Fox News

Israeli data shows South African variant able to 'break through' Pfizer vaccine | The Times of Israel

Iran calls Natanz atomic site blackout 'nuclear terrorism' (apnews.com)

White House answered fake reporter’s questions for weeks before she was revealed as a “Lego” video gamer | The Independent

Old Joe called Hunter the smartest man he knows... Should we be concerened?
Hunter Biden blew tens of thousands on prostitutes, drugs and luxury cars | Daily Mail Online

Money to people who were never slaves, paid for by people who never owned slaves...
House Democrats Schedule Debate and Vote on Reparations for Black Americans (thegatewaypundit.com)

Harry Reid Warns Biden Against Packing Supreme Court: ‘We Better Be Very, Very Careful’ | The Daily Wire

Biden Orders Commission To Study How Democrats Can Pack The Supreme Court (thefederalist.com)

Trump goes after McConnell, Fauci in off-script Mar-a-Lago speech | Fox News

Imposter White House reporter infiltrates Jen Psaki press briefings: report | Fox News

US May Send Warships to Russia Over 'Concern' of Presence in Ukraine | Newsmax.com

Multiple Governors Signal They Won’t Put Up With Biden’s Second Amendment Attack: ‘Out Of Control’ | The Daily Wire

TODAY on Twitter: "Some states with stricter rules are now seeing surges in COVID-19 cases, while many others that rushed to reopen are experiencing sizable drops. The numbers have experts scratching their heads.

CDC director says racism is 'serious public health threat' | TheHill

We are there... Idiocracy!!!
Near-majority wants Dwayne Johnson to run for president: poll (nypost.com)

TX. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick furious with the Biden.

The New York Times on Twitter: "New York will offer one-time payments of up to $15,600 to undocumented immigrants who lost work during the pandemic.

Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Jump to 744,000, Much Worse Than Expected (breitbart.com)

Twitter Forbids Trump Tweet Archive Account on Platform (breitbart.com)

Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Texas hitting record-low numbers in multiple COVID-19 statistics to start April | wfaa.com

Biden expected to announce executive actions on gun control Thursday | Fox News

CBS' '60 Minutes' shames DeSantis for prioritizing seniors in vaccine rollout, suggests they weren't high-risk | Fox News

Raheem Kassam on Twitter: "The smartest man he knows smoked Parmesan picked out of a rug. This explains a lot about Joe.

Christie accuses Biden of ‘doing exactly’ what he accused Trump of: ‘Lying to cause racial divisions' | Fox News

McConnell warns of 'serious consequences' for businesses that help 'far-left mobs' | Fox News

Report: Kamala Harris Is Unhappy Living in 70,000-Square-Foot Mansion (westernjournal.com)

That will help the border crisis (sarcasm.)
State Finalizing Plan to Immediately Give Illegal Immigrants Checks of Over $20,000

White people need not apply... Governor Phil Scott is offering the vaccine to minorities first. White people under 50 are excluded...

Governor Phil Scott on Twitter: "If you or anyone in your household identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color (BIPOC...

Tucker Carlson: Biden's 'infrastructure plan' is not about infrastructure, but you'll still pay for it | Fox News

Have they banned 1984 yet? Better get a copy before it is too late.
Facebook, Instagram scrub Trump interview with daughter-in-law Lara (nypost.com)

Gov. Kristi Noem vetos bill to keep men out of women's sports. Why?
Kristi Noem Has No Good Explanations For Vetoing The Girls' Sports Bill (thefederalist.com)

Tax hikes will force many large companies to relocate abroad...
Trump Slams Biden Plan: 'Largest Tax Hike in American History' | Newsmax.com

Sen. Tom Cotton to Newsmax TV: Worse Than Crisis, Border Is 'Insanity' | Newsmax.com

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Big Brother is Watching!

PODCAST: 'FACTORIES OF HATE' - The Michael Savage Show, Thursday April 1, 2021 ⋆ The Savage Nation

Advice for people running Biden. A must watch!

Tom Elliott on Twitter: "Biden handlers aggressively shout down reporters trying to ask questions after PPP signing

Gov. Ron Desantis attacks critical race theory.

Biden Press Sec On DHS Refusal To Confirm Border Crisis Numbers: “Talk To Them…It’s Not Our Program” - YouTube

Is it any wonder why they are trying to take away the nuclear codes and limit his power.

President Biden is almost unable to speak at times. How much longer will he last?

Gov. Ron Desantis attacks critical race theory.

Biden Press Sec On DHS Refusal To Confirm Border Crisis Numbers: “Talk To Them…It’s Not Our Program” - YouTube

Is it any wonder why they are trying to take away the nuclear codes and limit his power.

President Biden is almost unable to speak at times. How much longer will he last?

On eBay,  you
can buy and sell Hitler paraphernalia, a book called the anarchists cookbook that teaches you how to make bombs, but you can not sell your old Dr. Seuss books...

China makes move on Japanese island. Biden quietly moves troops out abandoning its ally.

Australian news questioning Old Joe's condition.

Even Australia is dealing with the PC insanity.

Rand Paul GRILLS Biden's Transgender HHS Nominee

Joe Biden Slurs Out "N-Bomb" at Speech (bitchute.com) (VIDEO)