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New York, San Francisco News & other Cities & news victim to crazy liberal Politics...

The Problem Is Systemic Victimhood, Not Systemic Racism | Intellectual Takeout

After Severe Backlash LinkedIn Removes 'Be Less White' Diversity Training, Issues Statement - Analyzing America

SF DA calls murder, a temper tantrum...
San Francisco DA under fire after citing ‘temper tantrum’ for murder of 84-year-old Asian man | Fox News

NO whites allowed!!!
Ivy League University Offers Rock Climbing Class — No White Students Allowed (

Woman followed attacked in own home (video)
NYC Scanner on Twitter: "#NYPD looking for suspects who followed woman into her apartment and robbed her at gunpoint in Flushing

Chancellor said she literally counts minorities...
New NYC schools Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter 'marginalized' older white women: suit (

BLM/Antifa attack random woman. They haven't stopped...

Andy Ngô on Twitter: "Person associated with the BLM-antifa protest group fights a random woman

Maybe there is hope...
You’ll never believe what made Bill Maher’s audience clap - American Thinker

Boston Public Schools Suspend Advanced Program Because Officials Were ‘Disturbed’ By The Number Of Asian And White Students | The Daily Caller

Richmond District, burglaries increased 222%, robberies up 74%,  and car thefts jumped 31%, compared with the same period last year.
Report: San Francisco Car Burglar Fires Gun At Witnesses – CBS San Francisco (

Scandal-scarred Cuomo scrubbed from LGBT gala set to honor him (

People with mental illness are teaching your children...
Breaking911 on Twitter: "La Mesa, CA trustee Bell-Fontenot gets caught on video saying that returning to in-person learning is “a very white supremacist ideology (Video)

Black on Asian violence skyrockets. Mob marches against "White Nationalists in support of Asians... Yes, it happened.
DOJ Pledges to Investigate, as Attacks on Asian Americans Increase |

New York activists respond to brutal attack on Asian man by rallying against WHITE NATIONALISM, even though the culprit was BLACK — RT USA News


Star-studded TIME'S UP calls for Gov. Cuomo harassment probe (

Or what? The DA will do nothing...
Breed to Out-of-Town Criminals: 'Don't Come to Our City With All That Bulls**t' (

Can we get any dumber? In response to black on Asian violence, 100's take to the streets to protest white nationalism???
(2) NYC Protest Updates on Twitter: "Several hundred people from the Washington Square Park "Unite Against White Nationalism"

Black man slash of Asian man a reflection of white supremacy (

And leave liberal utopia?
Five Counties Are Trying To Leave Left Wing Oregon And Become Part Of Idaho (

VIDEO Woman beaten, dragged in NYC subway station robbery attempt (

Dinesh D'Souza on Twitter: "There is no “African American algebra” or “Hispanic geometry.” This is the absurd racial philosophy that makes planes crash and space shuttles explode in the air.

NYPD NEWS on Twitter: "🚨WANTED for HOMICIDE: Do you know these guys? The suspects fired multiple shots at a 28-year-old male

Bay Area Reporter :: Effort underway to recall SF DA Boudin (

BLM discloses finances for first time and reveals group raked in $90m in donations last year | Daily Mail Online

The left uses race to justify letting dangerous criminals out of jail with almost no consequence for the crimes they have committed...
Governor Signs Bill to Make Illinois First State to Eliminate Cash Bail (

Video shows NYPD's new robotic dog in action in the Bronx (

Just like old times...
Mom whose tot was punched on train: 'Nobody tried to help me' (

Woke madness... Our school system has turned into nothing more than little liberal manufacturing plants... NYC
Official Says She Was Fired For Not Giving 'Wakanda' Salute – PJ Media

When criminals are not punished, the violence will not stop.
2-year-old punched in face by panhandler on NYC subway: cops (

Harlem stabbing is latest NYC subway attack (

Someone gets it...
Proposed Montana law calls for antifa to be designated a terrorist organization | Just The News

"Bail reform" is woke code words for freeing criminals. Just ask NYC & SF how it has effected crime...
‘Philly D.A.’: Larry Krasner Plans Radical Bail Reform in Clip From PBS Docuseries

Entire California school board resigns after caught mocking parents over school reopenings | Fox News

GOP, Dems coming together against N.Y. Gov Andrew Cuomo | One America News Network (

50-Year-Old Transgender ‘Woman’ is Hailed as a Hero for Joining a Female College Basketball Team - Big League Politics

A white woman competing to marry a black man accused of being racist then fire. Then the host gets fire for saying wait to judge...
The Bachelor, Racism, and Frogs - American Thinker

Female teen attacked on A train at Columbus Circle (

There isn't a city in the entire country that turned on the police and saw crime go down...
Anti-police pols made NYC subways deadly '80s-like bloodbaths (

If you build it they will come...
70 Hotels Could House the Homeless, if San Francisco Buys - San Francisco Public Press (

Politicians are getting dumber by the day...
New California bill would decriminalize psychedelics, expunge criminal records (

NYPD NEWS suspect attacked the officers on the stairs. The suspect ends up on top of one of the officers, assaults the officer, as the other officers fight back.

Just like the good old days... (Sarcasm)
NYC Scoop on Twitter: "Brooklyn: Flatbush Avenue person #CaughtOnCamera beating up a biker with a bat until he falls to the ground unconscious.

McDonald's to slash executive bonuses if they fail to place more minorities in senior leadership (

Oregon Promotes 'Dismantling Racism' in Math Instruction | Frontpagemag

White children being brainwashed to hate white people...
Fifth-Graders Forced to Simulate 'Black Power' Rally to Celebrate 'Black Communism'

LAUSD diverting school police funds to support Black students - Los Angeles Times (

The DA, Chesa Boudin says San Francisco is safe.
Police data: Burglaries in S.F.’s Richmond District up 370% from 2020 - Laredo Morning

"WARNING:Graphic Video. Surveillance video captured a terrifying armed robbery that left Vallejo store owner Marc Quidit wounded in critical condition last night.

Let me know how that works out...
SF police consider laying off 11 percent of officers – The San Francisco Examiner (

They're still at it...
BLM protest in NYC leaves NYPD cops injured and 11 arrested (

Race obsessed liberals are at it again...
NYC public school asks parents to 'reflect' on their 'whiteness' (

Two masks are better than one.
Manhattan federal court buildings now require two masks (

The Legislature Must Investigate Newsom | Capitol Quagmire (

Soon it will be three...
Manhattan federal court buildings now require two masks (

"You take my breath away" meme under investigation. Too soon???
LAPD and Marxist District Attorney George Gascón to Investigate George Floyd Valentine's Day Meme (

DC still on military lockdown...
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 on Twitter: "Washington DC tonight" / Twitter

City Councilor Lisa Bender said calling the police is a form white privilege. Crazy....
Minneapolis City Council spending millions to begin undoing the damage of its war on cops - American Thinker

They're protecting Cuomo and every other democrat...
CNN Protecting Andrew Cuomo on Nursing Homes |

Antifa blocks Seattle police from responding to emergencies with snow barrier | Fox News

They thought they were allowed to treat Asians like they were white...
Tech firm apologizes for Menlo Park job ad seeking 'non Asian'(

Not to be outdone by SF & NYC...
In Minneapolis, 8 Carjackings In Last 48 Hours – WCCO | CBS Minnesota (

6 Shot in San Francisco Bayview District Saturday Evening – CBS San Francisco (

US & World News

Trump's full speech at CPAC

How much longer will Old Joe last???

Pelosi calls sexual harassment claims against Cuomo 'credible' (

PELOSI'S FAULT: Speaker Pelosi told Sgt. at Arms to Deny National Guard at Capitol Due to Optics - Left Building Unprotected then Lied About it

Despite what you were led to believe by the American media, other countries are concerned.

It's payoff time. Very little actually goes to Covid relief.
House Passes $1.9T Pandemic Bill on near Party-line Vote |

Cancel culture is trying to cancel all opposition.
FCC Commissioner Blasts Tyrannical Dems Who Wrote To Cable Providers Suggesting They Drop Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN | DJHJ Media

If Mr. Potato Head is gender neutral, then who is Ms. Potato Head shacking up with?
Mr. Potato Head brand goes gender neutral, sort of (

Other countries get it. Why don't the democrats?

Israel is alarmed by NYC covid strain.
Intelligence researchers warn against “New York” covid strain - DEBKAfile

Speaker Pelosi calls PM Netanyahu - DEBKAfile

Past Biden, Psaki tweets criticizing Trump resurface after new Syria airstrikes | Fox News

Another blow to women's sports under the guise of equality...
House approves gender ‘Equality Act’ in 224-206 vote | One America News Network (

US Carries Out Airstrikes Against Iranian-Backed Militia Facilities in Syria: Pentagon |

Biden to Speak on COVID at Virtual G7 Meeting (

Dozens of House Democrats want Biden to give up sole authority to launch nuclear weapons | Fox News

Joe Biden’s Emerging Folly in the Middle East - Noah Rothman, Commentary Magazine

Concerns over Biden’s Iran policy aired in reported Saudi-Israel talks - DEBKAfile

Biden admin. under fire for energy policies | One America News Network (

Judge Bans Enforcement of Biden's 100-Day Deportation Pause |

Biden caught lying about helping Texas, sends limited aid | One America News Network (

Rachel Levine, 1st trans assistant health secretary advocates for puberty blockers...
Angela Stanton King 🇺🇸 on Twitter: "Let’s be honest. This is all about children. And Here come the puberty blockers.

And where are all the retractions? Must preserve the narrative... 
Mother of Officer Sicknick confirms media got cause of death wrong: ‘He wasn’t hit on the head’ | The Post Millennial

Canada isn't calling genocide a "cultural difference" like President Biden.
Canada's parliament passes motion saying China's treatment of Uighurs is genocide (

Russia’s Enemies, Critics Blast Biden For Not Halting Russian Pipeline Like Trump Did: ‘Caved To Russia’s Demands’ | The Daily Wire

How to silence the opposition? Cancel them...
Red Alert: Democrats take first steps to censor conservative TV channels OANN, Newsmax and Fox News - American Thinker

WATCH: Biden Slurs N-Word While Reading Speech to EU Virtual Munich Security Conference - Closed-Captioning Even Picked It Up (

Fauci cautions against dining out, even when vaccinated | Fox News

Biden did not spell out Iran plans in his first address at an international forum - DEBKAfile

Fauci: 'Possible' Americans will be wearing masks in 2022 to protect against Covid-19 - CNNPolitics

Are Biden’s moves for nuclear diplomacy with Iran stuck in the sand? - DEBKAfile

Why would Texas have prepared for record cold and snow if they listened to the media and other global warming fanatics the last forty years? - American Thinker

Never before has the leader of the free world been so cognitively compromised...

Rep. Jayapal's tweet about canceling $50G in student loans doesn't go exactly as planned | Fox News

Cheap slave labor, no regulations, let China pollute the world, but at the expense of American jobs...
US officially rejoins the Paris climate accord - CNNPolitics

Biden: "No one should go to jail for a drug offense."

Biden at G7 will pledge $4B for global vaccines, stress US commitment to multilateralism | Fox News

US Begins Admitting Asylum Seekers Blocked by Trump, With Thousands More Waiting |

Oil up almost 20% since Biden shutdown the Keystone pipeline...
After Biden’s attacks on oil and has, gas prices are up 18% and headed higher

US ready to talk about rejoining Iran nuclear deal (

Biden White House's planned $200M WHO payment slammed by Republicans: 'Their credibility has been tarnished' | Fox News

Old Joe excuses genocide committed by China as cultural norm...
Biden Makes Disturbing Excuse for China's Genocide During CNN Town Hall (

Dan Ball with Trump's lawyer Michael Van Der Veen

News Clip - Trump Gives First Interview Post Sham Impeachment on Newsmax (

Blames blackouts on once in a century storm...
Ocasio-Cortez Slams Texas: That’s What Happens ‘When You Don’t Pursue A Green New

Give old Joe a break. He forgot there was a vaccine when he took office...
Biden Claims ‘We Didn’t Have’ a COVID Vaccine When He Took Office (

I bet this is the last time his handlers will let him do a town hall. Can you imagine if it were Trump saying these things? Keep on talking Joe...
"Joe Biden says black people and Hispanics don’t know how to use the Internet and can’t figure out where to get the vaccine.

His handlers must have cringed when he said this...
"BIDEN: "Did you ever five years ago think every second or third ad out of five or six should turn out to be biracial couples?"

The medias attack was so deep and consistent,
Trump Lawyer Believed 'Very Fine People' Hoax Until Trial Prep (

Trump attacks "dour" leader Mitch McConnell - BBC News

President Kamala Harris? VP Has Been Taking Calls with World Leaders on Behalf of Biden (

Biden slips and refers to black on black crime, then quickly catches himself
Status / Gab Social

Trump Lawyer Believed 'Very Fine People' Hoax Until Trial Prep (

More liberal hate. They just can't let it go...
Pelosi announces 9/11-style commission into Capitol siege (

By not communicating...
Opinion: Biden is hitting the reset button with Israel - CN

They created the false narrative and then quietly retracted their fictional story, but not before every other liberal news publication repeated it...
New York Times retracts claim that Capitol police officer was killed by Trump supporter with fire extinguisher | The Post Millennial

Trumps lawyer rips reporter a new one. (Go to 3 minute mark.) Don't mess with people much smarter than you...

Trump acquitted in second impeachment trial on charge of inciting Jan. 6 Capitol riot | Fox News

Banned by YouTube & ignored by CNN and all the liberal news networks. Twenty Two minutes of Trump's defense team airing video of democrats encouraging & ignoring violence. Liberal hypocrisy at its finest...

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Trump supporter attacked in Central Park.

A free State vs. California. You won't believe the difference!

Trump's Newsmax interview...

Democrats pointing to voting machine error... When they lose...

A recap of old Joe's Town-Hall. What were the handlers thinking?

Video: Lefties openly celebrating Rush Limbaugh's death...
D-List Actors Try to Stay Relevant By Attacking a Dead Rush Limbaugh

Biden's Press Sec. Jen Psaki was shocked when reporters called her out for not firing her deputy for sexually harassing and threatening a reporter.

Why black females should not support Kamala Harris.

Watch Nancy Pelosi have a TDS meltdown!

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