Crazy Political News From New York, San Francisco, & other Cities...

At least he is not pretending to care...
De Blasio a no-show at NYPD Commish Shea's 'cop shot' briefing (nypost.com)

How's that bail reform working?
NYC shootings leave 13 people injured (nypost.com)

San Francisco DA recall groups nearly double money raise of competitors amid crime spike | Fox News

NYC restaurant stopped from building 2-story outdoor dining shed (nypost.com)

His parents were murderers. His point, set them free...
San Francisco DA claims ‘vast majority’ of Americans have had family behind bars - The Washington Post

NYC man Jonathan Perez arrested for alley attack on 11-year-old girl in Queens (nypost.com)

S.F. could broaden vaccine mandate and require masks indoors again, mayor says (sfchronicle.com)

They let him out and look what happened...
Creep was on supervised release for burglary when he allegedly molested girl (nypost.com)

Minnesota woman beheaded in broad daylight, allegedly by boyfriend (nypost.com)

"Our once great cities, like New York, Detroit, San Francisco, and so many others, have become a paradise for criminals because of Democrats, Trump added.”
Trump decries 'defund the police' after Boxer attacked | TheHill

CUNY to use COVID funds to wipe out student debt (nypost.com)

Florida man brutally beaten and put in a coma after asking neighbors to lower music ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Gov. Newsom's San Francisco wine store broken into again (ktvu.com)

Twitter Closes SF, New York Offices as COVID-19 Cases Surge – NBC Bay Area

NYC sees few hospitalized amid Delta COVID variant (nypost.com)

NYC mom injured in attempted subway mugging 'won't make it' (nypost.com)

San Francisco community advocate blasts failure of liberal 'idealogues' after former senator robbed | Fox News

Eric Adams declares war on AOC's socialists (nypost.com)

S.F. is still the priciest place to rent in U.S. - but another city is quickly catching up (sfchronicle.com)

Suspect busted in vandalism of Black Wall Street Gallery (nypost.com)

Curtis Sliwa: Critical race theory 'creeping' into NYC schools (nypost.com)

"We Must Knock on Doors, Put People in Cars, ‘Drive them and Get that Vaccine in Their Arm"
Cuomo: We Must 'Drive Them and Get that Vaccine in Their Arm' (breitbart.com)

Asian man who punched man on bicycle over racial slurs speaks - HOPCLEAR

New York man arrested for allegedly assaulting and making anti-Asian statements - HOPCLEAR

St. Louis To Require Masks Indoors Again, Regardless Of Vaccination Status; State AG To File Lawsuit | The Daily Wire

San Francisco considering new trash cans that could cost $20,000 apiece (yahoo.com)

'Devastating': Dixie Fire, California's largest wildfire, devours multiple homes (sfgate.com)

San Francisco considering congestion tax on high-earning drivers | Fox Business

“With the PSC CUNY resolution you have chosen to support a terrorist organization, Hamas, whose goal (`From the River to the Sea’) is to destroy the state of Israel and kill all my relatives who live there,”
CUNY professors quit union in protest over anti-Israel screed (nypost.com)

Woman sexually assaulted in Brooklyn (nypost.com)

Andy Ngô on Twitter: "Far-left protesters target and racially abuse NYPD officers in Brooklyn. https://t.co/1VXRzX13Il" / Twitter

Moment vicious mob beats man walking his dog in Queens amid rising violent crime in the Big Apple  | Daily Mail Online

34 BLACK ON WHITE HOMICIDES. June 2021—Another Month In The Death Of White America. Which Biden Is Bringing To A Suburb Near You! | Articles | VDARE.com

San Francisco Archbishop to Pelosi: 'No one can claim to be devout Catholic' and support abortion | Fox News

Caught on film, reporter harassed by black men. “You see that’s why I can’t be left alone with a black woman, or a mulatto chick. Cause I can’t stand these f—ing white girls.”
Rochester reporter Brianna Hamblin harassed on-camera (nypost.com)

But smart children make the other children feel bad...
Parents want honors math back at NYC middle school (nypost.com)

Oregon shooting at county fair where rapper Nelly was to perform leaves 1 injured, 2 in custody: police | Fox News

Elvis Nina Pichardo arrested for attempted sexual assault on three women in NYC park (nypost.com)

Off the hook?
DOJ drops civil rights probe of Cuomo nursing home COVID scandal (nypost.com)

Concha rips 'woke' leftists over MLB name-change: 'New York Jets are toast' because of global warming | Fox News

No kidding...
San Francisco repeat offenders responsible for retail theft, police say - ABC7 San Francisco (abc7news.com)

While she is still in the hospital fighting for her life, the criminal has already been released.
Shoplifting suspect leaves elderly San Francisco woman with life-threatening injuries (ktvu.com)

Woman beaten with cooking pot, robbed of walker in Harlem: video (nypost.com)

'Their hands are tied': San Francisco locals demand change to stop brazen crime | Fox News

Nope, not a white nationalist...
Maricia Bell arrested for anti-Asian attacks, left four injured in Queens over course of months (nypost.com)

San Francisco: Black man screams anti-Asian slurs at gay couple - HOPCLEAR

What would have Eric Adams have done?
Curtis Sliwa stops crazed man flipping out on passersby in the Bronx (nypost.com)

Crooks stroll out of LA Angeles TJ Maxx with armfuls of merch (nypost.com)

The Left have emptied the asylum...
NYC park the site of three attacks within an hour (nypost.com)

Dashcam video shows officer attacked, strangled during traffic stop, Aurora police say | Fox News VIDEO

They're scared to death of black conservatives...
Larry Elder says California law disqualifying him from recall ballot was designed to get Trump's tax returns | Fox News

NYC woman near death after plunging down subway stairs during attempted robbery (nypost.com)

EXCLUSIVE: San Francisco family held at gunpoint in own bathroom and robbed after father is ambushed while washing car - ABC7 San Francisco (abc7news.com) VIDEO

Probably a recent jail release. Normal people don't do this...
NYC subway platform video shows man sucker punching woman (nypost.com)

Undated video recorded in Sunset Park’s Chinatown in Brooklyn, NY shows a group of Asian people fighting back against a black male ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Group of 500 San Francisco bars deciding whether to require proof of vaccination before entry (sfgate.com)

It's the wild wild East...
Video shows teen trying to evade gunman before being shot in Queens (nypost.com)

WATCH - BLACK MALE SMASHES BOTTLE OVER COP'S HEAD ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Just the fact this made it to a Ca. court shows how insane the left is...
Appeals Court Delivers Massive Ruling on 'Misgendering' Law | Populist Press 2021 ©

Reporter Looks at Group Protesting Police and Then Those There to Support Law Enforcement, Has 'Surreal' Moment of Realization (westernjournal.com) OAKLAND

Trump rally cancelled. City claims to back free speech, unless the woke liberals in charge don't agree with it.

More police less crime. Less police more crime...
Subway crime rate near pre-COVID levels after police surge (nypost.com)

Cops hunt would-be NYC thief who left mom with brain injuries (nypost.com)

Don't we already have a program like this called "Welfare?"
California Lawmakers Approve Guaranteed Income Plan, Checks Would Be Distributed Based on Specific Criteria (westernjournal.com)

Fear, and Discord, Among Asian Americans Over Attacks in San Francisco - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Good luck with that...
Civil response teams, not police, will handle some Mpls. mental health calls - StarTribune.com

Chicago to send out mental health professionals instead of police for some 911 calls: report | The Post Millennial

UPDATE 3-Four People Shot outside Washington Nationals Baseball Stadium | Newsmax.com

Suspect arrested in shocking NYC attempted abduction (nypost.com)

San Francisco recommends masks in indoor places again (sfgate.com)

EXCLUSIVE: California couple violently robbed by men with assault rifle after being followed to San Francisco home - ABC7 San Francisco (abc7news.com)

HORROR: Woman Screams as She's Attacked, Robbed and Carjacked in San Francisco Bay Area Parking Garage in Broad Daylight (VIDEO) (thegatewaypundit.com)

Elderly Woman Allegedly Beaten by Milwaukee Walmart Employee While Bystanders Looked On (westernjournal.com)

Based on a 2BR apt... How about a studio?
Report shows San Franciscans on minimum wage need to work 4.9 jobs to make rent (sfgate.com)

Michael Savage at NEWSMAX: The Crime Wave Nobody Is Supposed to Notice ⋆ The Savage Nation

NYC Principal Allegedly Conspires to Oust White Teachers, Move Backfires and She May Get the Boot Instead (westernjournal.com)

Two women wanted in connection to laundromat assault (nypost.com)

Because gun control works...
Chicago mass shootings fall just hours apart, creating morning horror show | Fox News

Is this after the Biden bailout?
NYC's next mayor faces $5.4B budget deficit after de Blasio quietly adds $300M (nypost.com)

San Francisco sees rise in shootings, aggravated assaults - ABC News (go.com)

Only insane politicians would argue this isn't a problem...
After San Francisco shoplifting video goes viral, officials argue thefts aren't rampant (nbcnews.com)

Harlem shooting on Fifth Avenue leaves bystander wounded (nypost.com)

San Francisco sees increase in shootings, assaults | Fox News

NYC to uphold school mask requirement despite new CDC guidance (nypost.com)

4 men shot by masked gunmen in Queens (nypost.com)

San Francisco Police Arrest Suspect After Stabbing Near Chinatown – CBS San Francisco (cbslocal.com)

66-Year-Old San Francisco Resident Shoots at Home Intruder Trying to Break Into His Apartment (sfist.com)

Man charged in hate crime attack on Asian woman in NY (nypost.com)

He's not even the mayor yet...
Eric Adams to visit Joe Biden, the White House (nypost.com)

Cop shot with BB gun in Brooklyn (nypost.com)

Marie Oakes on Twitter: "Children are being raised to desecrate the flag. https://t.co/RtNBo3u1st" / Twitter (VIDEO)

California union boss says Newsom 'lost his mind', wrongly attacking 'conservatives' by closing rural prison | Fox News

Had three bikes stolen as a kid but that was the 70's...
6-year-old boy shoved off, robbed of e-scooter in Brooklyn (nypost.com)

GAY Group: 'We'll Convert Your Children' | The American Conservative

NYC elections officials seek state, federal probes into suspected ballot-harvesting (nypost.com)

They are going after you children. WOKE MADNESS!
NY lawmaker wants sex ed for kindergartners (nypost.com)

California can't even keep the lights on, but they want to go all electric vehicle in about 13 years.
California Scrambles to Find Electricity This Summer as Blackout Risks Grow - WSJ

NYPD searching for perv who masturbated in front of 9-year-old girl (nypost.com)

Armed man steals $2,000 worth of meds from NYC pharmacy (nypost.com)

Eric Adams declared winner of the primary, most likely next NYC mayor (nypost.com)

Parents of NYC Students Reject Principal's Apology for Showing Video Mocking White Women (westernjournal.com)

Maniac punches carriage horse, attacks two others in Central Park ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

It is unclear if she was even arrested...
MINORITY CRIME WAVE - And don't forget the airport! ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Russian tourist, her friend randomly attacked on NYC sidewalk (nypost.com)

They got away with a lot of $$$...
San Francisco Neiman Marcus hit by shoplifters who fled with merchandise | Fox News

Stabbing victim assaults nurse, two cops at NYC hospital (nypost.com)

NYers celebrate end of COVID-19 lockdowns on Fourth of July (nypost.com)

The shoplifting has gotten so bad, these retailers have reduced hours to save money...
Target, Walgreens make drastic changes due to increase in San Francisco thefts - ABC7 San Francisco (abc7news.com)

This Lower East Side neighborhood is plagued by crowds, chaos (nypost.com)

Four injured in three separate NYC shootings (nypost.com)

Clock's ticking for California recall candidates trying to oust Newsom (politico.com)

California's 4th largest tourist attraction destroyed by woke liberals...
Venice Beach violence reaches boiling point in L.A. as new viral video emerges | Fox News

Even if 10% left, that would be huge...
40% of San Francisco residents plan to leave due to quality of life: Poll (yahoo.com)

San Francisco’s minimum wage just went up | KRON4

Elderly woman attacked on NYC street (nypost.com)

Suspect arrested in cobblestone attack on NYC sidewalk (nypost.com)

Man decapitated by train on NYC subway tracks (nypost.com)

Los Angeles explosion: 17 injured after bomb truck carrying illegal fireworks explodes | Fox News

Remember, to the left, property owners are evil...
California Extends Eviction Moratorium While Sitting On Federal Funds Intended To Cover People’s Rent | The Daily Wire

Newsom isn't going anywhere. They will lie, cheat and steal this recall away from the voters...
California lawmakers craft new rules ahead of Newsom recall | The Sacramento Bee (sacbee.com)

Corruption or total incompetency?
NYC mayoral race thrown into chaos as BOE botches vote count (nypost.com)

MINORITY CRIMEWAVE CONTINUES - WATCH! ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Maybe there's hope.
San Francisco poll shows 70% of respondents say quality of life on decline: report | Fox News

Cops: Couple Opened Fire On Burger King Workers "Over A Spicy Chicken Sandwich" ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Highly contagious Delta coronavirus variant spreading fast in California ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Chicago shootings: 74 shot, 6 fatally, in weekend gun violence across city - ABC7 Chicago

Losing trees is racist. Looney Tunes...
S.F. has lost thousands of trees—and it affects communities of color - The San Francisco Examiner (sfexaminer.com)

Free the criminals and there will be crime...
NYC Times Square shooting leaves tourist hospitalized, suspects at large | Fox News

Ocasio-Cortez Doubles Down On Defunding The Police, Claims Concerns Over Crime Wave Are ‘Hysteria’ | The Daily Wire

San Francisco-run homeless encampment costs $60K per tent (nypost.com)

No one cares...
Valedictorian’s mic cut after speaking about his sexuality (nypost.com)

Connecticut Legalizes Marijuana to Combat ‘Racial Disparities’ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

University Of Oklahoma Instructors Trained In How To Censor And Indoctrinate Students (VIDEO) (thegatewaypundit.com)

Is anyone really surprised? It is San Francisco...
S.F. will require all city workers to be vaccinated. Those who don't could be fired (sfchronicle.com)

Florida police officer 'critical' after shot in head; manhunt underway for 'coward' suspect | Fox News

Chicago mom who was beaten, shot in weekend road-rage ambush dies days after boyfriend | Fox News

Eric Adams takes 10-point lead, Yang concedes NYC mayoral race as primary polls close | Fox News

He found a good thing and stuck with it...
'Prolific retail theft suspect' who allegedly hit same Walgreens 4 times in a row arrested (sfgate.com)

Woke Mayor claims pledge is divisive. I claim he is divisive...
Colorado mayor suspends Pledge of Allegiance at meeting, attendees recite it anyway | Fox News

Everyday, at least one new attack...
Tourist randomly attacked with glass bottle aboard NYC subway (nypost.com)

Never underestimate the stupidity of the voters...
NYC progressives going to lose the Dem primary to crime (nypost.com)

Maybe he will kill someone this time...
Taser-wielding Washington Sq. Park suspect released without bail (nypost.com)

Fury as New York prosecutors DROP looting charges against hundreds arrested last summer | Daily Mail Online

Juneteenth Celebrations Around the Nation Marred by Shootings, Death (breitbart.com)

Pride Month: 'Sesame Street' Introduces Gay Male Couple for 'Family Day' (breitbart.com)

Rantz: Seattle Gay Pride Group Charges Whites Reparations Fee (thegatewaypundit.com)

California University to Hold Segregated 'Cultural Graduation' Ceremonies Based on Race and Identity (thegatewaypundit.com)

Video of black woman who attacked Asian store owner getting a beat-down. Owner tells employee, don't shoot her! Instead, he pistol whips her a couple of times. Street justice? (VIDEO)
"Asians had enough! And pushing back South Dallas last night.

NYC punch victim, 87: ‘You can’t even go to the supermarket these days’ ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Driver Opens Fire On Police Officer Working Juneteenth Parade: Report | The Daily Wire

It was just an accident. Driver was part of the group...
Florida Rep. Wasserman Schultz nearly struck in Pride parade crash that kills at least 1: reports | Fox News

Downtown Chicago emerges from pandemic -- hobbled by crime wave (yahoo.com)

Is the party over?
Californians Receiving Unemployment Must Start Looking For Work Next Month To Remain Eligible | The Daily Wire

Only one U.S. city saw a bigger pandemic exodus than San Francisco (sfchronicle.com)

Crazy people are freeing crazy people from California's jails and prisons. We call them "Liberals"...
'Lot of crazy people': 94-year-old Asian woman stabbed repeatedly in San Francisco speaks out (sfgate.com)

Homeless man throws water bottle at Newsom.
Report: Gavin Newsom had water bottle thrown at him by 'aggressive individual' in downtown Oakland (sfgate.com)

If any candidate uses the words reform, defund, or progressive, vote for someone else...
Post poll shows progressives' push to defund NYPD not in line with Dem voters (nypost.com)

NYC shrink who talked about shooting white people now says they are 'psychopathic' (nypost.com)

Denver: Antifa Militants Threaten And Harass Drivers And Guests At Hotel Hosting Western Conservative Summit (thegatewaypundit.com)

Entire riot squad quits. Now what???
Portland PD squad votes to resign after cop charged (nypost.com)

94-Year-Old Woman Randomly Stabbed While Out For Walk In San Francisco Neighborhood; Suspect Arrested 5 Times In 2020: 'What Do You Have To Do To Actually Go To Jail In SF? ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Eric Adams leads primary race, with Wiley, Garcia on his heels (nypost.com)

Times are changing, a white woman defended herself and administered a beat down...
Woman Goes Berserk and Punches McDonald's Employees Because They Wouldn't Mix Slushie Flavors (VIDEO) (thegatewaypundit.com)

Smart kids are being told to leave or fall behind with the rest of the students...
Troubled NYC school told mom to pull her smart son out (nypost.com)

The WOKE are nuts...
American birders have their own racial reckoning. Audubon is at the center of it. - Washington Post

And no, he wasn't a "white nationalist."
Man brutally attacked with cobblestone on Bronx sidewalk. suffers life threatening head trauma (nypost.com) (VIDEO)

Walgreens says San Francisco stores see 4x more thefts than rest of country, despite spending 35x more on security - ABC7 San Francisco (abc7news.com)

Elon Musk selling his ‘last remaining house’ in San Francisco | KRON4

Virginia school district commencement speaker under fire (nypost.com)

If the teachers would stop filling their heads with hate, that'd be a great start...
Black parents’ righteous fury at NYC public-school failure (nypost.com)

Angry mob beats Utah man to death for allegedly hitting pregnant girlfriend (nypost.com)

RIP NYC, there are going to be dark years ahead...
'Anyone's race': The debate that could decide New York’s next mayor (politico.com)

Critical Race Theory: Have Catholic Schools Gone 'Woke'? | NewsRadio 740 KTRH (iheart.com)

It really is the end of an era because of stupid WOKE politicians...
160-year-old San Francisco restaurant the Old Clam House up for sale as owners retire (sfgate.com)

Enough fentanyl to kill San Francisco: the new wave of the opioid crisis sweeping California | Opioids crisis | The Guardian

Bill de Blasio shrugs off concerns over Washington Square Park mayhem (nypost.com)

Reporter gets shoved by bum while doing live news report...
KRON4 tv reporter gets attacked during a live segment on the news. Amanda Hari was in front of a police station too I believe!

Liberal utopia ain't all it's cracked up to be...
NYC's Washington Square Park hit by fresh stabbings, mugging and assaults | Daily Mail Online

Build that wall! BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors erects $35,000 fencing and electric gate around her new $1.4M Topanga Canyon home she bought with CASH - following backlash over her $3M property portfolio ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Florida Mom Blasts Critical Race Theory: 'Racist' to Tell a Child They Are in a 'Permanently Oppressed Status' (breitbart.com)

Oddly, no one has made the connection, Jeffery Epstein taught at Dalton, an exclusive NYC private school...
Sex Ed Teacher Out After Showing Masturbation Cartoon to 1st Graders (breitbart.com)

San Francisco Police Ask for Help Finding Yorkshire Terrier Stolen from Car – CBS San Francisco (cbslocal.com)

NYC's Washington Square Park sees another night of violence, chaos | Fox News

14 people injured but the suspects are NOT white nationalists so the story will be buried soon if you've even heard about it at all...
Austin mass shooting: 1 suspect in custody, another still at large in 6th Street attack | KXAN Austin

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Chant 'Allahu Akhbar,' Torch Israeli Flag in NYC (breitbart.com)

San Francisco Gets 80% of Eligible Residents to Receive a COVID Vaccine Dose – NBC Bay Area

1 dead, woman's neck grazed in shootings across NYC's 5 boroughs (nypost.com)

S.F. to require vaccination for high-risk workplaces, stricter rules for indoor mega-events (sfchronicle.com)

Hold those judges responsible...
MI Magistrate Confronted By Citizen Journalist For Setting $750 Bail For 40-Yr-Old Accused Child Rapist Who Immediately Went On Raping, Murder, Carjacking, Hostage-Taking Crime Spree (thegatewaypundit.com)

It hasn't stopped...
'It was 9 cars in a row': Rash of car break-ins targets San Francisco's Union Square garage - ABC7 San Francisco (abc7news.com)

EXCLUSIVE: San Francisco mom robbed at gunpoint in own garage with husband asleep, kids in car - ABC7 San Francisco (abc7news.com)

How a lenient NYC judge left a reputed gangbanger free to allegedly kill an innocent dad (nypost.com)

Another insane psychoanalyst...
Psychoanalyst calls whiteness incurable 'parasitic like condition' (nypost.com)

It seems like just yesterday we were not allowed to talk about "herd immunity."
San Francisco may be first major US city to hit herd immunity, experts say | San Francisco | The Guardian

She’s Running for New York City Council. But Newspapers Won’t Publish Her Photo. - POLITICO

NYT, MSNBC’s Mara Gay: ‘Disturbing’ to see ‘dozens of American flags’ on trucks on Long Island (nypost.com)

The 4th largest tourist attraction in California is a shithole...
SHOCK: L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Vows to Clear Homeless from Venice Beach by July 4 (breitbart.com)

Of course they're silent. They can't benefit from it because the wrong person did it...
AOC, BLM silent in wake of tragic shooting killed 10-year-old Queens boy | Fox News

Man tries to rape woman on Midtown sidewalk (nypost.com)

California shooting: 2 arrested in road rage shooting death of 6-year-old, report | Fox News

"She made me do it."
School principal made employee take racy pictures: lawsuit (nypost.com)

Amazon driver attacks 67-year-old woman in delivery dispute (nypost.com) California. (Video)

Asheville, North Carolina police WON'T respond in-person to 911 calls about theft, fraud (dailymail.co.uk)

The AR-15 is not a “weapon of war” and it is not “used on the battlefield.”
Gavin Newsom Rages, Makes False Claims After Federal Judge Strikes Down California’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Gun Ban | The Daily Wire

NEW VIDEOS Emerge of Minnesota's Winston Boogie Smith Telling BLM Protesters: “Ain’t nobody gonna be beggin for justice…Get ready for war...Bring your guns...your bombs…your rocket launchers!”

An everyday occurrence?
Man slashed during argument on NYC train (nypost.com)

Tourist critical after scooter hit-and-run amid rash of NYC traffic incidents (nypost.com)

In 2021 you can say that, but only about whites...
NYC shrink tells Yale audience she fantasizes about shooting White people in head | Fox News

AOC's answer to crime reduction is not jails, but to build more hospitals...
People Call Out Chuck Schumer’s Reaction As AOC Claims An Answer To Violent Crime Is Not Building Jails | The Daily Wire

Wisconsin Mandates Gender-Neutral Language In Honor Of Pride Month… | Weasel Zippers

Man tries to set woman's hair on fire on on bus. Police blur face?
Watch | Facebook

Unrest in Minneapolis after shooting death of suspect by law enforcement | Fox News

Yang chased by angry protesters during Brooklyn campaign stop (politico.com)

Former lover of Mayor Breed....
Disgraced ex-SF official Mohammed Nuru reportedly arrested for brandishing knife at food bank (sfgate.com)

Andrew Yang, Eric Adams draw the most fire in chaotic NYC mayoral debate (nypost.com)

Only a fool would think releasing criminals from jails and prisons would not cause a huge spike in crime...
Albany GOP blames Gov. Andrew Cuomo for spike in crime (nypost.com)

The mud slinging will be epic!
Minority women paid half as much as white men under Garcia: complaint (nypost.com)

Portland Homicide, Gun Violence Rates Skyrocket After City Axes Gun Violence Reduction Team, Defunds Cops | The Daily Wire

The new NYC norm...
Man stabbed in back in wild NYC subway brawl (nypost.com) (VIDEO)

And it was not the work of a white nationalist...
Asian woman randomly slugged in the face outside NYC restaurant (nypost.com) (VIDEO)

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Joe Biden, The most popular president in US history.
The most votes ever! More Black votes than Obama,
our first black president! I don't buy it.

Just a reminder:
The side that confiscated guns, banned books and limited free speech were never the good guys... Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot may disagree...
US & World News...

COVID: Bennett vows decision on 3rd shot is near as cases top 2,000 - The Jerusalem Post (jpost.com)

Biden raises eyebrows with claim he 'used to drive' 18-wheeler truck | Fox News

Kangaroo court...
Rep. Jordan accuses Pelosi of kicking him off Jan. 6 Capitol commission for raising 'fundamental' questions | Fox News

50,000 Migrants Who Crossed The Border Illegally Released Without Court Date | Conservative Brief

73% Of Capitol Hill Aides Believe GOP Will Take Back House in 2022: Poll | Conservative Brief

Lying from the start...
Fact Check: Capitol Cop at Jan. 6 Hearing Lies About Death of Officer Brian Sicknick (westernjournal.com)

White House calls masks 'extra' protection for vaccinated while reiterating 'the vaccines work' | Fox News

Time to rethink that bail reform???
Former Sen. Barbara Boxer assaulted in Oakland (audacy.com)

While giving a speech Biden gets confused and asks, "where's mom?"
Psychiatrist: Biden Has Symptoms of Dementia, Likely He Is 'Almost Just Holding On' (westernjournal.com)

Antibodies from Sinovac's COVID-19 shot fade after about 6 months, booster helps - study (yahoo.com)

CNN's Lemon: Unvaccinated Should Not Be Allowed in Supermarkets, Ball Games, Work (breitbart.com)

‘A tipping point’: Government officials, health groups move to require coronavirus vaccines for workers (msn.com)

Biden calls reporter 'pain in the neck' for question about Veterans Affairs COVID-19 vaccine mandate | Fox News

Fauci opens door to booster shot for vulnerable Americans, ‘might likely happen’ | Fox News

DOJ Now Has Official Request to Begin Criminal Investigation of Dr. Fauci (westernjournal.com)

Protests break out in front of WH urging Biden to take firmer stance on Cuba | Fox News

YouTube takes down American Conservative Union video about Trump’s lawsuit against Big Tech censorship – NaturalNews.com

Trump: 'The Crime of the Century Is Being Fully Exposed' | Newsmax.com

10 million less than in 2016... Get woke go broke!
Olympic Ratings Fall Sharply: NBC Says 17 Million Watched Opening Ceremony In U.S. (forbes.com)

Olympics Ratings Set to Crash, Research Suggests ‘Get Woke, Go Broke’ Effect Partly to Blame, Report | The Daily Wire

The Woke are winning...
The Cleveland Indians Were Not an Insult, They Honored the First Native American Baseball Player (breitbart.com)

President Harris?
Former Obama Doc: 'Serious Stuff Going On' with Biden Will Soon Lead to Resignation or 25th Amendment (westernjournal.com)

WH, on Defensive, Now Insists Ethics Safeguards Are in Place for Hunter Biden's Art Sale | Newsmax.com

Simone Biles reveals why gymnastics team skipped Olympics opening ceremony | Fox News

And I am sure they have all been thoroughly vetted...
Joe Biden Accepts 600,000 Migrants in Just Six Months (breitbart.com)

Biden Labeled 'Elderly Man Struggling to Maintain His Faculties' After Disastrous Town Hall (westernjournal.com)

DC shooting: Police release footage of suspects fleeing after brazen shooting | Fox News

Tampa Bay Lightning national anthem singer, an Air Force vet, hospitalized with coronavirus despite vaccine | Fox News

China Lashes W.H.O. Plan to Audit Wuhan Lab for Coronavirus Origins (breitbart.com)

Hillary 2.0: Biden Used Private Email While VP to Send Government Intelligence to Hunter Biden - Report (westernjournal.com)

White House weighs pushing masks as COVID cases increase | Fox News

Controversial Pennsylvania Voting Machines Just Got Decertified (westernjournal.com)

State Rep That Accused Cops of Being Racist Has Been Accused of Punching, Hitting and Choking Women (westernjournal.com)

Tom Brady Mocks the '40 Percent' of Americans Who Distrust 2020 Election During White House Visit (westernjournal.com)

Another product I will be avoiding...
Ben & Jerry's Anti-Israel Move Backfires as Retailers Announce They Will Stop Selling Their Ice Cream (westernjournal.com)

Biden admin promotes radical group pushing critical race theory in schools | Fox News

Rand Paul: Fauci intimidates scientists from contradicting him because 'he controls all the funding' | Fox News

Cuban-American UFC Star Digs Up Old Photo of Kaepernick, Says 'Cowards Like This Fool' Should Be Sent to Cuba (westernjournal.com)

Exclusive — Gov. Kristi Noem: Critical Race Theory ‘All About Power' (breitbart.com)

10 Reasons to Question the Election - American Thinker

Russia warns US over hypersonic missiles in Europe, could lead to ‘inadvertent conflict’ | Fox News

China is buying up American farms. Washington wants to crack down. - POLITICO

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Art Critic: Hunter Biden's Art Is So Bad It Shouldn't Even Be Worth $1,000 (westernjournal.com)

How ‘equity’ ideology plunged South Africa into inequality and chaos (nypost.com)

The vaccine is failing!
Pfizer wants to give you a booster shot—but experts say it's too soon | MIT Technology Review

Snakes on a plane...
Two more Texas Democrats test positive for COVID after fleeing election vote | Fox News

Stunning Daszak/Fauci Emails Reveal Non-Zoonotic Coronavirus and Attempts to Infect Human Cells. (thenationalpulse.com)

Trump: Biden, Crime 'Far Worse' Than Even I Thought in 'Fake Election' | Newsmax.com

Harris ignores Covid quarantine protocols and attends meetings...
Harris visits Walter Reed for 'routine' doctor appointment days after meeting with infected Texas Democrats | Fox News

When Biden answers questions against the will of his handlers...
Facebook Official: Biden Using Us as 'Scapegoat' for Vaccine Failures | Newsmax.com

Biden blasted for accusing Facebook of 'killing people' over COVID misinformation as WH partners with Big Tech | Fox News

Black national anthem at NFL games this year (ajc.com)

Critics slam the White House after Psaki reveals it's consulting with Facebook to 'flag misinformation' | Fox News

Canada is still closed...
Canada to allow vaccinated Americans into country in August (nypost.com)

"Germany Does Not Use Voting Machines, Like in the US" - German Minister Defends Country's Secure Elections Comparing them to Sh*tshow in US (thegatewaypundit.com)

Convicted Ecoterrorist Claims Biden Nominee Was Accomplice in Terror Plot (breitbart.com)

Do you understand why the side with everything to lose fights audits?
74,000 Ballots Returned with No Record of Ever Being Sent: Shocking AZ Audit Update (westernjournal.com)

If you pay them to stay home they will...
Morning Consult: 1.84M Turned Down Work to Keep Biden Jobless Bonus | Newsmax.com

Trump Celebrates 'Beyond Incredible' News from Georgia: 'The Hand Recount Was Wrong by 60%' (westernjournal.com)

And still politicians are scared to condemn BLM...
Black Lives Matter blames US, praises Cuban regime, social media erupts | Fox News

Surgeon General Concedes Coronavirus Booster Shots ‘Possible’ (breitbart.com)

Megyn Kelly: Jan. 6 'Wasn't an Insurrection' and 'The Media Represented This as so Much Worse Than It Actually Was' (westernjournal.com)

Texas’ Abbott says Biden, Dems must stop ‘misinformation’ spread on voting bill | Fox News

Navy Brass Focused More on Wokeness than Warfighting: GOP Report (breitbart.com)

‘Where is Biden?’ chant breaks out at Florida protest in support of Cuba | Fox News

And the White House tried to make it about Covid...
Trump Speaks Out on Cuban Uprising, Urges Biden to Stand Up for Freedom (westernjournal.com)

Sound about right...
Dozens of Democratic Lawmakers Fleeing Texas in Attempt to Block Voting Bill (westernjournal.com)

Uprising in Cuba...
Cuban president urges country’s ‘revolutionary’ citizens to counter protesters | Fox News

Trump to CPAC: We Will Stop Left Wing Cancel Culture | Newsmax.com

I am surprised they didn't blame global warming...
State Department tweet tying COVID-19 to Cuban protests is criticized | Fox News

The left will say anything to keep voters from having to show ID...
Kamala Harris slammed for claiming rural Americans can't photocopy their IDs | Fox News

If you set criminals free and do not punish them, they will commit crime...
Houston aquarium slaying was latest killing by a defendant out on bond: reports | Fox News

The left are insane.
White House: Actually, it's Republicans who are trying to defund the police (nbcnews.com)

I wonder why...
WH Press Secretary Psaki: Hunter Biden's Artwork Buyers to Remain Anonymous | Newsmax.com

California schools to require masks for fall classes -- despite CDC guidance | Fox News

2 Americans, ex-Colombia soldiers detained as suspects in assassination of Haiti's President Jovenel Moise (nypost.com)

Unless they put Biden back in the basement, he won't be around much longer...
Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter: "This was Biden’s press conference today. Is he okay? https://t.co/w58YW9nBtZ" / Twitter

Biden Has the Most Expensive White House Payroll in History - Here's How Much Jen Psaki Costs Taxpayers (westernjournal.com)

Pelosi’s Husband Bought Amazon Call Options Weeks Before Pentagon Announced Contract Likely Benefitting Company ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Army veteran, GOP Senate candidate, accuses Twitter of flagging July 4 post of his salute in uniform | Fox News

Haiti’s president assassinated by ‘professional’ commandos, 4 killed, 2 arrested, report says | Fox News

Tayler Hansen on Twitter: "The Identify of Ashli Babbitt’s shooter is— Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd. Multiple Mainstream Media Outlets have known this, but they REFUSE to run the story. Why is that? https://t.co/xq5OKWfxU4" / Twitter

Lindsey Graham 'amazed at how badly' Biden's first six months have been | Fox News

Haitian President Jovenel Moïse assassinated at home, official says | Fox News

Watch: Psaki Announces Nightmare for Unvaccinated Americans (westernjournal.com)

Applesauce brain is in charge of the country...
More Biden Weirdness - Kneels before Israeli President & Chief of Staff ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

All the talk about white nationalists, and then they turned out to be black.
Leftist Narrative Crumbles After Key Fact About Armed Men Involved in Standoff Revealed (westernjournal.com)

WATCH: Members of U.S. Women's Soccer Team Turn Away from the Flag as a 92 year old WWII Vet Plays Anthem (breitbart.com)

Brainwashing children every way they can...
Independence Day: Marvel Comics Makes Captain America Say American Dream 'Is a Lie' (breitbart.com)

How much longer will old Joe last?
Biden struggles to answer Russia question at Michigan pie shop (nypost.com)

NYTimes claims American flag 'alienating to some' on July 4 (nypost.com)

Psaki slammed by reporters over anonymous White House briefings (nypost.com)

Hunter Biden engaged in some daddy pay care: Devine (nypost.com)

Democrat Cori Bush slams the Fourth of July, claims 'Black people still aren't free' | Fox News

Michigan boy dies in his sleep three days after getting vaccine (nypost.com)

PBS, Vanessa Williams spark backlash over ‘Black national anthem’ | Fox News

It is only ok for a man to expose himself to little girls when he wears woman's clothes and claims he is transgender. (Woke think)
Reputed Antifa Members Assault Protesters Outside Spa Where Transgender Exposed Penis In Women-Only Section | The Daily Wire

An Israeli cargo ship was on fire in the northern Indian Ocean on Saturday, June 3, after a possible attack with “an unknown weapon, DEBKAfile

'She's f*cking up': Leaks keep coming... | Populist Press 2021 ©

Daily Caller on Twitter: "DOOCY: "Does the White House think 16 cents off a bbq has more of an impact on people's lives than gas being a dollar more?

He can't even read a teleprompter without stuttering and mumbling...
Former White House physician says Democrats should follow through on cognitive demands and test Biden | Fox News

GOP Sen. Graham: “I’ve never been more worried about an Iran-Israel war - DEBKAfile

Watch: Biden Gives Completely Unintelligible Speech to Newly Sworn US Citizens (westernjournal.com)

Believing men cannot be women is considered "Extremist" these days...
Facebook Plans to Flag 'Extremist' Content, Has Conservatives Fearing Censorship | Newsmax.com

Biden's Crisis: Illegal Alien Accused of Beheading Man, Playing 'Soccer with His Head' While Out on Bail (westernjournal.com)

Everything is racist to these wokesters...
AOC says Olympic ban on marijuana is 'instrument' of racism following Black track star's suspension | Fox News

Biden White House to Deploy "Delta Variant" Response Teams Across US to Communities with Low Vaccination Rates (thegatewaypundit.com)

Donald Trump Jr. blasts Weisselberg indictment as 'banana republic stuff' (nypost.com)

Pompeo: China's Xi is 'serious' about 'bash heads bloody' warning | Fox News

White House panned over tweet on price of Fourth of July cookouts | Fox News

How much longer?
Senator Maxine Waters? Biden creates confusion with offhand remark (nypost.com)

McCarthy To Introduce Bill Replenishing Israel’s Iron Dome While Democrats Deal With Omar’s Anti-Semitic Outburst | The Daily Wire

If these morons keep on erasing history, soon slavery will never have existed in America.
Every 'Racist' Confederate Statue the House Voted to Remove from Congress Is of a Democrat (westernjournal.com)

President Trump addresses Biden reversing border security policies: ‘It was over’ | Fox News

Ann Coulter: Dems Say Don’t Defund the Police. Break Them! (breitbart.com)

Even if there was video of Biden himself admitting the left cheated, nothing would change...
EXCLUSIVE: USB DRIVES Were Suspiciously Stolen, Transferred and Inserted Into Voting Systems Used in Swing States in 2020 Election (thegatewaypundit.com)

Milkmaid Jill Biden Gets Cover of Vogue After They Ignored Supermodel Melania For Five Years (thegatewaypundit.com)

Kevin McCarthy: Democrat Party Has Not Evolved from its Days of KKK (breitbart.com)

Coming to a neighborhood near you...
Quadcopter drone strike near Karaj – new chapter in covert campaign versus nuclear Iran - DEBKAfile

California bans state travel to Florida, 4 more over anti-LGBTQ laws (nypost.com)

DeSantis 'Very Wary' of Trump Ahead of 2024 | Newsmax.com

Tucker Carlson: Abolishing the suburbs is major part of Biden administration's infrastructure plan | Fox News

They'd release the audit results if it went their way. Probably getting their damage control team together.
Senator Karen Fann Tells Reporters She Will NOT Be Releasing Audit Counts on Monday (thegatewaypundit.com)

Biden’s airstrikes seen as message to Iran while administration tries to revive nuke deal | Fox News

Trump: Biden Administration 'Complete, Total Catastrophe; I Told You' | Newsmax.com

Trump rips 'woke generals,' critical race theory in return rally (nypost.com)

White Progressives Shocked To Learn Black And Latino Voters Don’t Share Their Radical ‘Defund The Police’ Views | The Daily Wire


Texas Governor To Resume Construction Of Trump’s Border Wall With Or Without President Applesauce Brains… | Weasel Zippers

Kamala Harris heads to L.A. home after long-awaited border visit | Fox News

EXPLOSIVE REPORT! WE CAUGHT THEM AGAIN: New Findings Show Coordination and Collusion Between PA and GA in 2020 Election Steal (thegatewaypundit.com)

‘Inherently Bigoted’: Sen. Cruz Introduces Bill To Stop Federal Funding Of CRT Workplace Training | The Daily Wire

Why is he whispering?
Joe Biden labelled a ‘creep’ after he ‘bizarrely’ keeps whispering into microphone - YouTube

Democrat Hammers Harris For Spot She Choose To Visit On Border; Harris Denies GOP Pressure Led To Trip | The Daily Wire
Biden's Nominee for bureau of land managment Pushed Population Control: American Children Are 'Environmental Hazard' (breitbart.com)

Biden makes George Bush sound like an excellent speaker...
Is no one going to mention how confusing and out of it Joe Biden was? (nypost.com)

Apartment building near Miami partially collapses, emergency crews at scene | Fox News

It takes Trump to get Kamala Harris off her duff to go to the border - American Thinker

You know the Democrats have their smear videos ready to roll. DeSantis is gaining in popularity...
FL Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Civics Bill Requiring Students to Learn Evils of ‘Communism, Totalitarian Ideologies’ ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Crime is soaring nation wide, and the Woke left still blames guns and poverty, while ignoring emptying their jails and prisons may have had something to do with it...
As homicides soar nationwide, mayors see few options for regaining control (msn.com)

Still out of touch with reality...
Biden to blame crimewave on guns rather than post-protest tolerance for lawlessness (nypost.com)

Kamala sounds like a snake oil salesman...
Kamala Harris Tells Activists to Knock on Doors and Harass People Who Haven't Been Vaccinated in Desperate Push to Meet 4th of July Goal (VIDEO) (thegatewaypundit.com)

Because criminals follow gun control laws...
Joe Biden to Renew Gun Control Push in Wednesday Crime Speech (breitbart.com)

Facebook's real name policy is stricter than this schools.
Virginia's Loudoun County School Board silences public comment after raucous meeting, 2 men arrested | Fox News

The country has gone mad...
Trans Female BMX Athlete Representing the US Threatens to Burn American Flag on Podium if She Wins at Olympics This Summer (thegatewaypundit.com)

Australian Senate Bans Marxist Critical Race Theory from Aussie Classrooms (thegatewaypundit.com)

Nigel Farage Weighs in on Joe Biden's G7 Performance: "He Spent Most of the Conference Grinning Inanely...  I'm Not Sure He Even Knew He Was in the UK" (Video) (thegatewaypundit.com)

Now the left is going after Native American owned businesses...
Left aims to defeat another pipeline, but Native American business leaders defend construction | Fox News

Are liberals smarter than a 4th grader?
Minnesota girl slams school board over BLM posters after 'no politics' promise | Fox News

If this trend continues, eventually woman's sports will be competed by mostly trans men...
Laurel Hubbard is the first transgender athlete to compete in Olympics | Fox News

Radical Ilhan Omar Denies Schools Are Teaching Critical Race Theory ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Israel’s top soldier must overcome Biden’s downgrade of the Iranian peril for fast action against a nuclear-armed Iran - DEBKAfile

Nina Simone's granddaughter says Kamala Harris 'bullied' her mother to the point she 'almost killed herself' | Fox News

New Israeli leader: World powers must ‘wake up’ on Iran nuke deal - POLITICO

Denied because they tend to favor republicans...
IRS Denies Christian Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Status (breitbart.com)

GOP slams Biden admin for using tax funds on gender-transition surgery for veterans | Fox News

Well, they did take the codes from him...
Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson urges Biden to take a cognitive test | Daily Mail Online

She'll visit the border right after she visits Europe...
56 House Republicans urge Biden to remove Harris from leading role on migration crisis | Fox News

I'll bet anyone one of the "green light" targets will be hit soon.
Biden's 'off-limits' list for Russian cyberattacks criticized as 'green light' to target everything else | Fox News

Rep. Matt Gaetz to Newsmax: Did FBI 'Animate' Storming of Capitol? | Newsmax.com

Sounds about right...
Biden Nominee For Bureau Of Land Management Allegedly Worked With 'Eco-Terrorists' (thegatewaypundit.com)

Out with the old in with the new. Meet the new Victory Secrets model, an American hating lesbian. Talk about rebranding....
Victoria's Secret Does Away with 'Angels' - Will Replace Models with Purple-Haired SJW Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe, Transgenders, Plus Size Women (thegatewaypundit.com)

Did anyone really think Biden would outsmart Putin, or get anything from him?
Trump blasts Biden-Putin summit saying 'good day for Russia' (nypost.com)

Hunter Biden used the N-word and called Asians yellow, but it's ok. He's a Democrat. I bet they'll still buy his art...
Hunter Biden called Asians 'yellow' in text exchange with cousin (nypost.com)

Even liberal Colbert is mocking Biden.
Stephen Colbert mocks Biden's 'Grandpa’s had it with your lip' energy in clash with CNN reporter | Fox News

No respect for old Joe...
Russian Navy conducts massive drills in Pacific before Biden-Putin meeting: report | Fox News

EU to open up travel to unvaccinated US citizens – POLITICO

Israel’s fragile coalition government gets first test, launches airstrikes on Hamas | Fox News

It's ok, he's a Democrat...
Chuck Schumer apologizes for using 'retarded' to describe disabled children (nypost.com)

I doubt he will last another year...
White House Leaks Devastating News About Biden Leaving Office... | Populist Press 2021 ©

WOKE Americans destroying the country. Even a North Korean defector recognizes it...
North Korean defector slams 'woke' US schools (nypost.com)

Tucker Carlson: CNN hates the idea of Buckhead trying to leave the city of Atlanta | Fox News

Vladimir Putin denies Alexei Navalny assassination attempt accusation (nypost.com)

Media ignores Biden's attack against GOP while abroad after shredding Trump for violating political norm | Fox News

Netanyahu tries to go ‘scorched earth’ in last speech, swipes at Biden administration over Iran | Fox News

Novavax Covid Shot 93% Effective Against Variants in Trial | Newsmax.com

Biden is constantly getting confused. The world is watching...
WOW! Boris Johnson Forced to Stop and Correct Joe Biden After He Already Introduced President of South Africa (VIDEO) (thegatewaypundit.com)

Biden, at G-7, says US, Russia can work together to help people of ‘Libya’ – meant to say ‘Syria,’ aides say | Fox News

Senator Ron Johnson’s Staff is Looking thru 14,000 Hours of Jan 6th Video Footage - 38% of 800 Protesters Were Waved in West Terrace Door by Capitol Police (VIDEO) (thegatewaypundit.com)

Judge halts Biden's race-based aid for farmers, says challenge is 'likely to succeed' ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

Kamala Harris’ Secret Service agent 'clearly not happy' about VP's Pride walk: Twitter users react | Fox News

SHOCKING JUMP in Vaccine Deaths Reported This Week at CDC-Linked VAERS Tracking Website (thegatewaypundit.com)

Israel to Swear in Government, Ending Netanyahu's long Rule | Newsmax.com

Putin Says Russia Would Accept Conditional Handover of Cyber Criminals to U.S. | Newsmax.com

BREAKING: AG Merrick Garland Announces that His DOJ Will Scrutinize Any Post-Election Audits for Evidence of Voting Law Violations!! (thegatewaypundit.com)

Oh the hypocrisy...
Wealthy BLM Co-Founder BUILDS A WALL Around Her Million Dollar Estate (thegatewaypundit.com)

America Last: Joe Biden Shuffles Alone in the Back of the Pack While G7 Leaders Take Photo with Queen Elizabeth (VIDEO) (thegatewaypundit.com)

FDA Tells Johnson & Johnson to Dump 60 Million Tainted Covid Vaccine Doses (thegatewaypundit.com)

He said no new taxes if you earned less than 400k, but he didn't say everything else wouldn't go up...
Biden's proposed corporate tax hike poses potential for costlier utility bills | Fox News

"I've Said I'm Going to the Border!" - Kamala Harris Snaps at Univision Reporter Asking When She Will Go to the Border (VIDEO) (thegatewaypundit.com)

UPDATE 2-Biden Restores $929 Mln for California High Speed Rail Withheld by Trump | Newsmax.com

President Trump Says the Joint Chiefs of Staff Should All Be Fired If They Think Climate Change Is America's Greatest Threat (thegatewaypundit.com)

Even talking about this would have gotten you banned by all social media and shunned by fellow doctors. It was all about taking down Trump...
Hydroxychloroquine with zinc could increase COVID-19 survival rates by as much as nearly 200% | Daily Mail Online

Washington offers drugs and booze to get vaccinated...
Washington's 'joints for jabs' COVID-19 vaccine program falling flat | Fox News

Virginia mom who survived Maoist China eviscerates school board's critical race theory push | Fox News

SHOCKING! Hunter Biden addressed his white lawyer as [n-word] and told Barack Obama 'you my [n-word], Barack' in texts unearthed days after Joe's Tulsa speech decrying racism ⋆ The Savage Nation (michaelsavage.com)

“As an educated person, I cannot understand how the union can stand by a terrorist organization and a country that bombs Israel, hurts their children and wants to kill every Jew,” she reportedly said.
Middle School teacher quits union over its pro-BDS stance (nypost.com)

Senate Report: Intel agencies fumbled Jan. 6 response due to breakdown in communication | One America News Network (oann.com)

Guatemalan President Throws Kamala Under The Bus To Her Face... | Populist Press 2021 ©

Joe Biden ignores D-Day - American Thinker

US committed to Iron Dome replenishment - DEBKAfile

And they blame "a service configuration." Hacked...
Major media, government websites experience outages | Fox Business

Blame it on the white man...
Biden’s vaccine push fails to gain traction with African Americans - POLITICO

Gov. Ron DeSantis Promises To Oppose Any FL School Board Candidates Who Support Critical Race Theory | The Daily Wire

U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Sees Indications of Plutonium Work in North Korea | Newsmax.com

I wonder what China Joe would say about that...
Trump speech news live: Ex-president to address Republicans in North Carolina | The Independent

Kristi Noem slams Dr. Fauci in speech to North Carolina’s GOP: ‘Fauci is wrong – a lot’ | Fox News

Cyberattack on food supply followed years of warnings - POLITICO

On second thought, maybe it did come from a lab.
Prominent NYC scientist backtracks on 'natural origin' of COVID (nypost.com)

Delta flight attendant tackles would-be hijacker, zip-ties his wrists: video | Fox News

Covid-19 Vaccine Incentives: Free Beer, Cash, Guns Boost Young Vaccine Rates - Bloomberg

Trump to be Speaker of the House in 2022? | Newsmax.com

SMOKING GUN: FAUCI LIED, MILLIONS DIED -- Fauci Was Informed of Hydroxychloroquine Success in Early 2020 But Lied to Public Instead Despite the Science #FauciEmails (thegatewaypundit.com)

Old Joe better keep his guard up...
Chinese STEALTH DRONES surveilling US energy infrastructure; Fauci emails reveal explosive admissions of covid cover-up – NaturalNews.com

The Chinese hacked the subway in NYC...
Officials confirm N.Y. MTA system was hacked in April | One America News Network (oann.com)

China threatens nuclear war over U.S. calls for probe into origins of COVID-19 | One America News Network (oann.com)

Opinion | Netanyahu’s On the Way Out. Here’s What Biden Can Expect Next. - POLITICO

Because California doesn't have enough drug problems...
California Senate passes bill to decriminalize psychedelic drugs (fox40.com)

Looks like Trump was right all along, and big tech would sensor anyone who tried to talk about it...
GOP lawmakers blast Fauci after COVID origin emails released (nypost.com)

Iranian Navy ships could reach the Atlantic by Thursday - POLITICO

Top cybersecurity official warns of more ransomware attacks | Fox News

Iran's largest warship catches fire, sinks in Gulf of Oman | Fox News

Number of police officers shot this year reaches 128, union says 'defund' movement a factor | Fox News

Florida accused of ‘cruel attack’ by becoming 7th state to ban transgender children from girls’ sport | The Independent



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Big Brother is Watching!

Watch the video below. People sign to have Trump supporters arrested. I keep on telling everyone, the left have lost their minds!

Michael Savage, Donald Trump Interview: America ‘melting down’ under Joe Biden ⋆ The Savage Nation

Dana White says he will 'run over' competition slowing down because of COVID | Fox News

'THE AMERICA WE KNOW & LOVE WILL NEVER RETURN (revisited) + A TALK WITH JOEL POLLAK' - The Michael Savage Show - Friday June 18, 2021 ⋆ The Savage Nation

Joe Biden as leader of western democracies is an 'insult to the free world': Alan Jones

American media finally asks one real question... Vice President Harris freaks...

He's been lying all along...

Warning, 4 minutes of left wing violence.

We will see how long JP lasts on Youtube...

Why we should defund the police... (Satire)

No one does satire better.

Antifa, BLM enter the next phase, Firearms...

Woke teacher tells student she wouldn't call police if being held at gun point. Said she doesn't trust them...

The left keeps on telling us how Jan. 6th, 2021 was the worst thing ever to happen to the country, but they have conveniently forgotten the 1983 senate bombing, not to mention 911 and Pearl Harbor

NYC detective gets wacked in the head while investigating a broken window.

FUNNY! Electric care spokesperson doesn't know where the electricity to charge the car comes from.
"Electricity HAS to come from somewhere. Watch till the end. Now, imagine EVERYONE in America going home to plug in their vehicles. MILLIONS OF THEM.

Why send 70 lawyers to stop the audit if you have nothing to hide???

WATCH: North Carolina Lt. Gov. @MarkRobinsonNC lays out the truth on election integrity and voting rights. Democrats go berserk. Looking at you, @RepCohen. https://t.co/ojynp9PGoE" / Twitter

WATCH: Facebook Demonetizes Video Of Candace Owens Discussing Underreported Facts About George Floyd, Ma’Khia Bryant | The Daily Wire

This video covers the police officer who shot the black girl who was in the act of stabbing people.

White man who shoved black man accused of sexual assault arrested.

Youtuber Salty Cracker back on Youtube after questioning election. Big Brother is watching...

PODCAST: 'FACTORIES OF HATE' - The Michael Savage Show, Thursday April 1, 2021 ⋆ The Savage Nation

Advice for people running Biden. A must watch!

Tom Elliott on Twitter: "Biden handlers aggress

Tom Elliott on Twitter: "Biden handlers aggressively shout down reporters trying to ask qustyle44"> Tom Elliott on Twitter: "Biden handlers aggressively shout down reporters trying to ask questions after PPP signing